The doctor let me leave the hospital that day. They didn't have much space for the people so I had to leave. It made Niall pissed off. He wanted me to be okay. He wanted to be sure that I was fine and safe. My brother was also pissed off along with the rest of the boys. Good, now, I had to deal with that. I was feeling fine and I didn't want them to be preoccupied by me. 

We made our way to the car but there was no room left for all of us. There had five seats and we were five. So, Niall had to put me onto his lap. I was happy by his touch, it always made me relax, but I saw Liam's shoulder tensed when he saw us. 

We went back to the house and Niall told me to go take a nap. What ? I mean, i'm not a child ! I can't go for a nap on my own ! What if I don't want to take one ? I didn't want to fight so I just kept all the frustration in me and went to my room upstairs. I laid down on my bed and waited for the sleep to come. I just couldn't sleep. My body didn't want to sleep. 

I was turning and twisting in my blankets when I felt the bed plopping next to me. I turned around and saw Niall smiling to me. 

He leaned in and took my waist with his hand. He leaned in a little more and he kissed me on the lips. I didn't want  him to go so I rested my hand in the back of his neck and pulled him closer to me. There was no room left between us. I deepened the kiss and I took his lower lip between my teeth. I was ruffling in his hair and kissing him when he let go of my waist and pulled back.

He looked me in the eyes, breathless. 

"I love you, Andrea." He said. 

I couldn't reply anything. The air got out of my lungs and I almost chocked. Instead of saying anything, I cuddled more in his side. I rested my head on his chest and he kissed my neck. 

I fall asleep like this. 

I woke up at the feeling of someone kissing my neck, over and over again. I moaned and slowly opened my eyes to see blonde hair in my neck. I ruffled Niall's hair and moaned again. He sucked my neck and he nibbled on my ear. I tugged a little bit on his hair and he left my neck to attack my lips. I kissed him and I felt sparkles in my body. I moaned louder and I heard someone's footsteps on the stairs. I pushed Niall back and he fell of my bed. 

Liam slowly pushed the door and looked at me.

"You okay ?" He asked, quietly.

I nodded and looked at me weirdly. What have I done this time ? I was just making out with Niall, what was wrong with that ?

"Urm... I just heard a weird noise coming from your room and I thought something was wrong... Wait, is that a lovebite on your neck ?" He was now wide eye.

Niall, I'm so going to kill you. I put my hands on my neck and looked at across and saw Niall trying to hold his laughter. 

"No.. Urm.. I- euh.. I fell and... I got this..." I lied, pathetically. 

Liam looked at me even weirdly and he shrugged his shoulders. Then, he left the room. 

"Niall Horan, I'm so going to kill you !" I whispered/yelled. 

He was giggling like a little kid and his face was red from the laughter. He was holding his stomach and I started tickling him. He was laughing so hard and begging me to stop. So I did and I trailed kisses down his neck. I nibbled and sucked his neck in the plan to give him a lovebite too. He wasn't going away with that one hehe. I heard a low moan escaped from the back off his throat and I smiled against his skin. 

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