First day-chapter 1

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Okay first book ever please tell me how it is and what you want changed thanks : D

sorry if it's short :)


I have been having strange dreams lately, I don't know whether or not to consider them nightmares or not so they are dreams. In every single one there is always this guy who follows behind me and watches me. I keep trying to go to him but my body leads me away from him. He is tall maybe 6'3'', has light brown hair that sways to the side. His eyes are green emeralds. His lips are full and his nose is straight and the perfect length. His chin is much chiseled, and he is slender, lean but has a muscular body. He is always wearing something different, depending on the dream. I never pay attention to anything happening around me, I just focus on him. Watching how he runs or walks and waits for me to do something. Every time I turn around to look at him he looks straight at me, as if he knows what I'm thinking I try to walk to him and confront him but I can't.

Anyways I just think about him, I've never seen anyone who looks like him. I've seen tons of guys with green eyes, none can compare to how his look. Today is my first day back since the accident. I still feel like it is my entire fault, like I caused it. I moved back to my mom's house last week because staying with my dad, staying in the same place where it all happen seems to be too much to handle. I always think about how I could've or should've done something different. I'm not able to handle it and everything else so I moved to numb the pain a little. I use to be popular now I keep to myself all the time. I don't really talk to my mom, dad, sister, not even my best friends. Nobody knows what happen that night, I barely understand. Anyone that knew what happen isn't around anymore as in dead because he got to them.

Since it's my first day back at school I don't know anyone and I have to get caught up with everything that's happening with the classes. I walked into my homeroom class expecting the worst. I walked to Mr. Wilson's desk to get my sheet signed and show that I have him as a teacher. He introduced me to the class and gave me the only available seat left. Right smack in the middle of the front row. Everyone was watching me burning deep holes into my already broken soul. I checked my schedule again and find out that I'm in history, the worst subject in the world or at least that's how I see it. Class is already half way over and I'm taking notes not paying attention to what we are learning.

I'm writing what I see but I'm thinking about my dream from last night. It was so real to me I couldn't tell the difference. I was walking in what seemed to be the garden of a very elegant castle. Everything was well cared for and beautiful. It was midnight maybe and there was a full moon lighting everything for me. I was walking through the garden when I remember about my follower. I stop dead in my tracks and turned around. I must have been wearing a dress because I could feel it sway as I turned. Like always there he was, wearing a black cloak that covered his outfit. He had black boots that came up to maybe a little under his knees; his pants were black as well. His shirt was a deep red, there was a belt holding what looked like a sword. Everything went still as I looked into his beautiful eyes. In what seemed like forever, we just stood in the same place where we froze.

Then he started to walk towards me. Something was different though, it looked like he got closer instead of farther away. I decided I would stay and wait for him to come. When he reached me he looked more spectacular than I thought ever possible. He was gorgeous, inhumanly beautiful. He smiled taking notice at how shocked I was, his smile was just as stunning. It could light up the world, his teeth were perfect. I felt myself smile back. Then he began to slowly raise his hand to my face, gently stroking my cheek. I was about to say something but I woke up. Mr. Wilson was handing out a sheet of paper what I'm guessing is our classwork. As he came around he picked up a text book and continued his way towards my row. As soon as he reached my desk he handed me the textbook and the classwork and smiled.

"If you need any help please feel free to ask me any questions either during or after class. I'm happy to have you as my new student." And he walked away continuing to pass the classwork out. At first I thought it was a nice gesture, and then I began to think it was just weird and I noticed never have any of my teachers acted so weird. I stopped that thought and decided to hurry up and finish my classwork.

The day continued as usual, I walked into each class the teacher introduced me. I sat down and class continued. I tried to avoid everyone, some people were brave enough to come up to me and say hi. I forgot their names but oh well I'll ask them again next time I see them. I wasn't paying attention and ran straight into someone. I said sorry and picked up my books.

"Hi you must be new here. I'm Julian Renzola," in an accent that I can't really put my finger on, slowly I began to look up taking in everything he is wearing. I made it to his neck and started to notice the chiseled chin, full lips, perfect nose, and then I finally look into the eyes that are a familiar green. I notice light brown hair swayed to the side that partly hangs in his face.

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