I hate scary movies...

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"BROOKE NO!" I didn't want to do this... but... he cheated on me... with that slut Georgia... what am I going to do now...

I was about to jump in but a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me back. I cried out loud, I was upset, lost... I didn't know what to do.

I felt the arms turn me around, and there not Harry, his curls flowing in the wind. He looked scared and worried. I collasped into his arms, he tightened his grip around me and I let my tears come out.

The boys had know caught up, they stopped when they saw me in Harry's arms, crying...

I closed my eyes and pushed my head against his chest. I cried and cried.

"What happened?" The sound of the boys concerned voices rang out in the quiet silence.

"Well, when I caught up to her, she was about to jump into the river, I managed to grab her before she did." The boys let out sighs of relief.

"Brooke, why would you do that?" I lifted my head up, I knew I could trust them.

"Scott..... Cheated.... on.... me..." I got out between sniffs. I wiped my eyes and rested my head on Harry's chest again.

"Scotts her boyfriend, or ex, back in London." Harry explained to the rather confused boys...

"I'm sorry Brooke." I shrugged.

"I knew we wouldn't last, I just can't believe he would cheat on me, instead of breaking up with me, then getting in that sluts pants..." I heard a few chuckles from the boys, I smiled at them. They knew how to cheer me up.

"Come on lets go back."


A few days went by, none of them said anything about Scott, or the river thing. They seemed really understanding. If I ever felt down, one of them would always cheer me up.

At the moment we we're sat in the boys cottage watching a movie. We thought we'd watch a scary movie, I didn't want to. I hate scary movies, but I didn't want the guys to think I was weak on the inside.

We sat and watched 'Friday 13th'. Loads of people had already died and I was scared out of my skin. The boys didn't notice, they were to engrossed in the film.

I couldn't manage anymore, I was frickin terrified. I hid into someones arm.

"You okay Brooke?" I looked up to see Harry grinning down at me. I shook my head.


*Harry's POV*

We were sat watching 'Friday 13th'. Brooke seemed fine with it, she did squeal a few times and cover her face. None of the others had realised.

I carried on watching the film, suddenly something pressed against my arm, I looked down and saw Brooke, shaking whilst hiding under my arm.

She must be terrified.

"You okay Brooke?" She looked up at me, her face was pale and in her eyes I could see terror, she was scared out of her mind. I knew we shouldn't have watched this film. Especcially since the movie takes place at a campsite, so that doesn't help either.

She shook her head, I felt bad for her.

"Come on, let's take you to bed." She grabbed my hand, I smiled at her kindly and we walked upstairs.

We went into her room, she was shaking like mad.

I pulled down her covers as she changed in the bathroom. When she came out she was wearing her normal purple PJ's with the moon on the top.

She crawled under the covers and started peering round her room. I stroked her hair gently.

"Brooke, nothings going to get you, me and the boys are here to protect you." She nodded slightly and closed her eyes.

"Harry?" She looked so scared.


"Don't leave me..." Them words made my heart race... She wanted me to stay with her. I laid next to her, I pulled the covers over us.

"Night Brooke."

"Night Harry."

I placed a kiss on her forehead, I could see her smile before watching her fall asleep.

Once she was asleep, I carefully realised myself from her grasp and slipped out of the bed. I pulled the covers back over her and switched of the lights. I stepped outside, closing the door, but leaving it open a crack.

I walked downstairs with a smile plastered across my face, remembering them three words....

Don't leave me.... I would never do such a thing, but I know I did just leave her, but I didn't want the guys to get a bad impression, plus she needs to know nothing is out to get her.


*Brookes POV*

I was trapped, I was still at the campsite. The boys were with me, well two of them were. The other three.... had been killed.

Me, Harry and Liam we're running through the never ending wood. We could hear the man getting closer.

His voice, sent chills down my back, he was fast, faster than Liam...

There goes Liam....

Now just me and Harry...

I watched as the man ripped out Liams guts and threw them everywhere...

I screamed, he looked up and started running towards us.

Harry grabbed my hand...

It was us... against him....

The man grabbed Harry's other arm.

"Keep going Brooke!" I nodded and ran away, I heard Harry's piercing screams of pain. Don't look back Brooke.... I couldn't if I did.... That would be it....

I ran and ran, oh no... I came to the river.... I turned and saw the man, metres from me.

He held up the knife, dripping with blood....

I screamed.....

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