Tom’s P.O.V

It’s been a week since I won my bronze medal, a lot has happened Sarah, Chris, Tatty and I all got our first tattoo’s, I went and watched Lion King the musical with Tatty, Oh and I was on the Jonathon Ross show with Usain Bolt (Jack was very Jealous!), Kelly Brook, Colin Farrell and Jessica Ennis. It was a really amazing night. We, Jack, Tatty and I all got our A – Level results and we all did amazing.

To celebrate we all went to a club and the next day I had a book signing which wasn’t the best thing for me but everyone else got to sleep. On Sunday, (tomorrow) we are going to Portugal for a week and then coming back and we are going away with my family to Spain, the whole family. I am quite excited but the fact we pack and go away for a week and then come back and go away again. It is going to be an amazing two weeks.

Oh and I forgot to add last night we had a nice chilled out night in my tiny house with the GB diving team eating Fajitas and watching movies, with beers. It was fun just hanging about together I could never get bored of this lot.

Today Tatty was going shopping with Sarah, Tonia and Alicia while me, Jack and Chris stay at home, Brooke would of went with them but she didn’t wake up quick enough. The day had past really quick, the girls came back with loads of shopping for the holidays we all went to where ever our stuff was and started to pack, we had a bag each.

When I went to my room, or should I say our room Tatty was trying to get the suitcase down jumping on the bed and everything to reach the suitcase off the top of the wardrobe. She was tall but not as tall as me. ‘Do you need help with that?’ I asked, ‘Yes, Yeh I really do!’ , ‘Well to bad sucker!’ , ‘Please Tom!!!!’ She pleaded with me. ‘Fine, short ass!’ I answered back, I got it down with one tug and put it on the bed. I turned round to give her a hug and her bottom lip was out.


‘Wanna hug?’ I asked in a corny accent. ‘No!’ She said as she started to pack, I walked up to her and she walked round the bed realising she was cornered. She ran on the bed and I rugby talked her down. She was lay on the bed, we started to kiss and of course it got harder and harder, we got disturbed though by my brother Ben, ‘Whoa! Tom is getting intimate!’ He shouted. ‘You don’t even know what that means!’ I answered back, ‘Yeh, I do anyway keep the noise down mum is on the phone sorting out your holiday!’ Then he left.

Tatty’s P.O.V

‘I can’t wait to go away!’ She said, ‘me either, I love my family but let’s go, take a break and then come back.’ He answered ‘I know!’ I started to pack, throwing everything in like I usually do. Tom however was neatly folding everything, ‘Look if you don’t pack properly you won’t have space!’ He claimed, ‘I will and you always have space left!’ ‘Yeh and you won’t use it, if you don’t pack proper!’ , ‘Ugh fine!’ I took everything out and re- packed and then his mum came in.

‘I can hear you too downstairs!’ Then she looked at my case, ‘That is not how you pack!’, she booty bumped me out the way and she helped me pack. By the time we had finished it was time to sleep because we leave at three in the morning and it’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon. We were all eating and Tom’s mum came in ‘Come on go upstairs and go to bed, that means sleep by the way!’ She sternly said.

I stood up like a naughty school child and ran upstairs and put my pj’s on. I then cuddled up into the covers and fell asleep.

Tom’s P.O.V

‘Tom, before you go away you better take these for you and the boys!’ She said while passing me a bunch of condoms and stuff. ‘Mum!’ I said feeling my self-going bright red. ‘I know its awkward but you needed some Tom!’, ‘I know! Thanks and night! Love you mum ill see you in a few hours!’. I went upstairs said good-bye to my brothers. I tip toed in to my room and went to sleep.


Tatty’s P.O.V

The next thing I knew the bedroom light was on, ‘wake up! We are going on holiday!’ Jack and Chris said while jumping on us. ‘Oh my god! Why!’ I moaned, ‘Haha! It’s your fault, you picked the flights!’ ‘Go away!’ I said while walking into the bathroom to get ready. I came out and everyone was ready, all the bags were down stairs, the cars were here and we were ready. Tom’s mum said good bye cried as she gave Tom a hug and then went back into the house.

It took us about an hour to get to the airport, we got there and a bunch of press was there. We got the bags out the quickly and swiftly, the same with check in and then went to duty free.

I basically bought everything I liked, I left a tiny bit of spending money and went to get food. Everyone else stayed and shopped while I went and got food. I smelt a bit of coffee and felt sick, so I went to mc Donald’s instead. I bought a Mc Donald’s breakfast, I turned round and a bunch of people were there. ‘Hello, can we have an autograph or a picture!’ A girl asked, ‘Sure! Let me just eat this!’ I gulped it down and got down to the autographs and pictures. Then my name got called on the speaker.

‘Shit!’ I though, I grabbed my stuff off the table and ran to the gate. I saw Tonia stood there, she looked me up and down and took my arm and ran to the aircraft with me. I found my seat next to Tom and sat down ‘It’s too early!’ I moaned. ‘I know!’

A few hours later.

We touched down in Portugal and it was boiling, I just wanted to strip in the middle of the airport. I’m sure Tom would want that but I am okay. We went and took our bags out to a taxi and on the way to the hotel we were.

We pulled up to a huge resort, it looked like we wouldn’t leave it the whole time we were there. The holiday was going to be amazing! 

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