The note

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As I sit outside,

My parents are gone,

I get up

Of the lawn

I await the arrival

Of the one I once loved,

I think of all the stuff that was said,

Wondering if you thought it was true ,

You heard what they said,

What did you do.

How can you believe?

There all lies,

I explained, they aren't true

All you did was stare, into my broken eyes.

Your here

Wondering where I am,

I'm in the bathroom

On the floor

With a note,

That reads,

" that's it

I'm done.

And don't worry

You had your fun.

Messing with my feelings,

Playing with my heart.

It's all over now,

My time has come.

You got your way,

I'm out of your life forever.

Please don't cry,

This way it's better.

You can apologize

As much as you want.

But my mind is made up

This is what I want.

An remember

I'll always love you . "

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