another Crappie Chappie.

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A/N I'm sorry the book has been sucking ... once I get to the war in the book it should be better... Shout out To Chelsea and Angie!!! Read Vote Comment Inbox! kk so here's the crappie chappie some one cough cough Angie cough cough has been begging me to put up.


I hit the water slides first. Like always! they were huge! I loved the Midnight Express ( all these names are real water slides . I wouldn't name something that lame.) It rocked. It was this extremely fast and dark waterslide. The holes they drilled in it only made it cooler. I'd say Gravity Groove was my favorite It was faster that Midnight Express and you were over the parking lot and it took you down then up then reeealllly fast down. I made Angie go on that with me. We got some snow cones and snacks. Then I saw Miguel and Emily holding hands. damn I though is everyone dating but me?

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