Later that night we got a call from Louis;

"hey babe?" Harry asked.


"wanna go clubbing tonight?"

"UH; I dunno.." I said..

"and why is that?"

"because when I drink, I say and do really stupid things. And I don't want to risk anything..exspecially my relationship with you, and my friendships wOth the rest of the boys, El, Dani and Perrie."

"well I won't let you do anything THAT, stupid..; soo..ppleeeeeeaaaasse?"

He gave my the worst puppy dog face ever.

"fine..but the face was ever do it again."

"okay..well, I should go home and get ready.." right. He was still at my flatt.

At the club;

(allies phone convo.)




"hello?" I said.

"hello? Allie?"

"who is this and how did you get my number?"

"'s Liam!"

"what the fuck are you talking about? Liam's over at the table with dani."

"what the hell? No I'm not..Allie, it's liam from america! Where are you?"

"I'm at the 'stargazers club downtown..(that's an awsome name that I put about 2 seconds of thoughtfulness onto.) why?"

"I'll be right there."

End of convo.

"what the fuck!?" I screamed.

"Allie are you okay?" Liam asked.

"fan-trucking-tastic." I replied.

"what's wrong."

"shit!" I yelled, crawling under the table.."he's coming over here."



"well of course I am Im right here..are your feeling okay?"

"no,no,no! American Liam, my friend."

(authors note AL = American Liam, BL = British Liam.)

"Allie?" AL asked..

"oh helllo!" I said with a fake smile on.

"I haven't heard from you in months! And now I here you were in Paris on a fling then he cheated on you and have a record deal! Don't you have to work tomorrow? And we really need to talk." he finished (AL)

"he didn't cheat, yeas I was in Paris..we are still together, yes I did get a record deal, yes I hve to work tomorrow..I'm going to regret this but YOLO (I acctually hate that sang. It makes me want to punch someone in the face.) and why?"

"because, can we go outside?"

"uhhh, yeah I guess..but quick, harry'll be back soon."

"he nodded."


"so what do we need to talk about?" I kinda slurred.

"well you just up and left and it's been what 6 months since we talked!? I really liked you Allie..I still do and I know you feel the same way!"

He ran over and kissed me. Just then Harry walked out.

"you little slut! How fucking dare you! I can't believe I ever loved you. I hate you. Go to hell." he said and turned to walk away.

"Harry wait!" I yelled. "he kissed me! I never even kissed back. I love you! Only you!" I grabbed his arm.

"dont touch me." he said harshly, and wakes away.

I turned to AL.

I can't believe you! I hate you! How dare you! You made my fiancé break up with me. Yes. We are engaged. But we haven't told Anyone yet! He was the one! The love of my life, and YOU; YOU made HIM leave! You did this! I hate you! I hate you!" I shreaked, with buckets of tears streaming down my face. I slapped him. And fell to the ground sobbing.

"allie! Im so sorry I don't know why I did that. Forgive me?"

I looked up. "I will never ever forgive you Liam. Leave." and he did, surprisingly enough. Walked away.

(authors note; so for now AL is out, and it's just BL..story for the confusion I shoul have named him sketching else..sorry.)

Dani and Liam burst through the back door.

"Allie what happened sweet heart?" dank asked.

In between sobs.."Liam kissed me and h-Harry, he came out and saw and I-I tried to explain I didn't even kiss back..but he didn't listen and broke up with me.." I sobbed even louder.

"it'll be okay." she soothed.

"we were going to get married, he proposed..we didn't tell anyone yet...bit now it's done. That asshole ruined everything! Why did he even come here!? He should have stayed on America! I hate him!"

" need to listen love..we need to get you home. I'll stay with you tonight, and we'll see how things are in the morning..I'll call Linda (her manager) and see of they'll give you some extra holiday time. Liam will go over and talk to Harry."

"don't say his name." I said barely getting up by myself.

We walked down the ally to where a car was waiting for us.

At home. Allies POV. -it's just allie and dani, with a bit of BL.

"Okay..why dot you go in the shower and i get some cloths for us..I'll have to borrow something, I didn't bring anything with me.."

"okay" I simply replied. Walking into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. I looked like shit!! My make up was in streaks down my face, I was covered in mud..had bruises on my legs from falling to the ground, my hair was all knotted, my dress was ripped and my shoes were covered in dirt and broken. Attractive.

Danis POV.

Shes a mess a complete and utter disaster. I called Linda, thank god she's a girl and understands. I put on the PJs I picked out for me, and my phone rang.


"dani, it's Liam"

"oh how's Harry?"

"drunk as a skunk. And won't talk about it at all. He heart broken and crying, I've never ever seen him cry over a girl..and there's been a lot. I can't believe they were engaged."

"me either..she's a mess, I just got her in the shower..I'll have to spend the night."

"I'll be sleeping here also..Harry can't be trusted to not do anything stupid. And no, we can tell the why Halle's tomorrow, when they are sober enough to handle it."

"I gotta go she's coming."

Okay I love you."

"love you too, bye."


And we hung up.

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