Trizzy P.O.V.

im heading  to my locker to get my stuff. im glad jacob is taking me home cuz the last thing i need is to see diggy in my next class. as im getting my stuff trey's coming down the hall 4 what reason idk.

trey- hey baby girl, what u doing with yo' stuff

me- going home

trey- why

me- nevermind why, hey i'm going to the mall later with tiffany so she can pick out a dress do u wanna come?

trey- yeah but u have to do me a favor...

me- okay it depends what it is

trey- i wanna go to the movies with you is that okay?

me- it's fine with me what time

trey- saurtday nite at 9:15

me- okay trey i will b ready

trey- okay bye baby girl

[ i gave him a hug this one was different but i didnt let it bother me ]

me- bye trey

Trey's P.O.V.

i just asked baby girl out on a date. this has to be the perfect beach dinner date. im not loesing my baby girl again. that was a big mistake...

Trizzy's P.O.V.

[ on my way to jacob's car ]

me- hey jacob im ready

jacob- alright lil lady lets go

me- hey do u wanna go to the mall later with me tiffany craig & trey?

jacob- yeah but does trey have to come u guys do EVERYTHING together?

me- that is because he is my best fr... wait why does it even matter if u dont wanna go beca...

jacob- no no no im going. sorry if i made you mad it was just a question, baby im sorry.

me- whatever

jacob- let me make it up to you how about u come to my football game and i will take u out to eat after i take a shower and stuff. so baby what you say about it? pleeeeeaaaassseee?

me- okay if will make you happy

jacob- yeah it will. o and another thing since i dont have a girlfriend will you wear my jersy that nite?

me- awww thats so sweet yes i will wear your jersy jacob.

jacob- thanks baby o we need to pick up sam

me- thats rite

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- sorry it was so short ima try and make the next chapter longer and more interesting : )




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