Chapter Twenty-Nine

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*Emily’s POV*

When I woke up Saturday morning, Cody wasn’t beside me. But that didn’t bother me, that kid is always busy with being famous and all.

I checked the digital clock on Cody’s bedside table and saw that it was currently 11am so I knew I should probably get up before I sleep the whole day away… especially since I am leaving tomorrow. 

Of course right as I woke up I checked my cell phone, even though I know that nobody ever texts me. 

But as I looked at my phone I had some texts from the usual people, aka my parents, Kaitlin, and some of my other close friends, and I also had a text from Cody.

“Sorry I couldnt be there when you woke up. Have stuff to do. You’ll see me later tho, love you <3"

I smiled as I typed my reply back to him, “Don’t be sorry, I know you’re famous and have stuff to do sometimes :) We can hang out later!! Love yaa”

After my message sent and I replied to everyone else who had texted me, I set my phone down on the bed and got up to go over to Alli’s room. Of course I knocked first, who knows if she was getting changed or not.

“Come in!” I heard her yell through the door.

“Ayye” We both said to each other as I walked in.

“You just wake up too?” She asked me as she finished making her bed look presentable again.

“Yup,” I walked over to where I kept my clothes to choose something to wear today, “And Cody is doing something I dunno, but he’s gone, so it’s just us today I guess!”

Alli joined me in picking out her clothes for the day as she replied, “Oh yeah my dad is with him. Not really sure what exactly they’re doing, but we’re meeting them later. Probably some album business stuff with Matt.”

“Oh” was all I said as I continued to search for something to wear when a thought dawned on me. “Hey Alli, would this have to do with the surprise that he was tweeting about yesterday? The one that you won’t tell me about?”

Alli just looked straight ahead at her clothes as she answered me with a simple, “Yes.”

I just shrugged my shoulders as I kept looking for clothes, “Hmm okay.”

I’m not really for or against surprises really. I don’t hate them but I don’t absolutely love being surprised. I like knowing what’s going to happen and when it’s going to happen but I also love the adrenaline I get when I’m being surprised and have no idea what’s going on. It’s kind of a love-hate relationship. But nonetheless, I was ecstatic to see what this thing was. He probably was throwing me a going away party since I’m going back home tomorrow. Oh gosh, what if there are celebrities there? I shook my head at all of the thoughts invading my head. I was over-thinking again, and nothing good ever comes out of that. So I just pushed the thoughts to the back of my head as I took the outfit I had finally decided on and went into the bathroom.

Today will be a good day.

“Ugh come on Emily, we have to get going to the private concert!” Alli shouted at me as I struggled in the bathroom to put on my makeup.

It is currently 5:30 PM and Cody is having some private concert at this random little venue. Did I mention the concert is at 6? Yeah, so Alli is right, I really should be getting a move on.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” I said as I finished my makeup and threw it all back into its bag.

I rushed out the door while making sure my cell phone was still in my pocket and grabbed Alli’s hand since I realized we probably seriously were going to be a bit late.

“Oh so NOW you move!” Alli exclaimed from beside me as I dragged her through the house.

Because of that I instantly slowed down and moved in “slow motion”.

Now Alli grabbed my hand and started dragging me, “smart-assss” she said to me, as a joke of course.

I started walking normally beside her and just smiled at her, “But you love me!”

“I suppose so…”

I nudged her into the wall and then sprinted towards where Angie and Tom were.

“Oh finally you girls are ready! Come on, let’s get going” Angie said to us and we all started walking out the door and to the car.

Why do I have to leave tomorrow?

“By the way Emily, you need to turn off your cell phone. Since this is a private event and it’s a bit smaller they are being really strict on using your phone.” Alli said to me as we were pulling into the ‘venue’ or wherever this was being held.

“Oh really? That’s so stupid, okay.” I replied as I turned off my cell phone and just threw it in the pocket on the back of the seat in front of me. Won’t be needing that tonight.

“Now come on, we’re almost late!” I heard Alli say as she practically dragged me out of the car.

“I’m coming, I’m coming! Slow down, geez Alli, they’ll still be there when we get in.”

She didn’t say anything back but I could feel her rolling her eyes at me. I didn’t have a chance to say anything else because we had reached the door and the Simpson’s had all suddenly gotten very serious.

“You girls go ahead, I’ll take Tom with me.” Angie said as she headed in a different direction than us. Poor kid, he probably hates Cody’s concerts.

Alli started walking with me following behind considering I have no idea where I am to go or to do and I suddenly realized two peculiar things….

“Alli, why is it so dark and quiet?”

She slowed down a bit so she could talk to me a bit better, “Well it’s a concert Em so the lights all are pointed to the stage ya know?” Oh duh, I’m stupid. “And it’s quiet because they probably have sound proof walls, a lot of concert venues do.”

I merely replied with “Oh okay” and continued following her to wherever she was taking me.

After a short walk Alli led me into a room that had barely any light in it.

“You go on in, I’ll be there in a sec!” I heard her say from behind me.

“Wait what?!”

“Just stand in there for a sec, I’ll be right there!”

I didn’t have a chance to say anything back because Alli had closed the door and I was definitely not going to chase her down. I slowly made my way to the center of the room and was trying to not think about how sketchy all of this seemed. Maybe it was a surprise party for me…. But man I wish I had my phone so I could at least occupy myself with something until something happens.

Right as that thought crossed my mind, the lights turned on. Well, not all of the lights, but there were lights illuminating the stage and spotlight on me. It was enough lighting to see that there was nobody to be found around me… Where the heck is everyone?!

“I’m so glad that you could join us Emily,” I heard a deep voice say. A million thoughts raced through my mind but the main thing I was thinking was, WHAT IS GOING ON?! 


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