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We got out of my BMW outside of the movie theater. I was wearing a dress with a pair of gladiators, Harry was wearing a black v-neck and jeans with his signature white converses. Once we stepped into the lobby of the theater I took off my RayBans and put them in my purse. "What are we seeing again?" I asked him. "Paranormal Activity 3." he said and strode over to the ticket booth. "Are you Harry Styles?" the girl asked through the microphone. He nodded his head and blushed. "Can I please have you're autograph? I'm a really big fan of One Direction." she asked. Harry nodded and she passed him a piece a paper and pen. He signed it and passed it back. "2 for Paranormal Activity 3 please." Harry said. She nodded and printed them out. I told Harry I wanted to pay for the tickets and he finally agreed after a hour fight about it. I retrieved my wallet and pulled out a 20. "No this is on the house." the girl said and passed us the tickets. "Thank you." I said and put my wallet back. We walked into the food court of the place and I asked him "Do you want any food?" he shook his head but I still went over to get a drink. "1 large coke, please Sam." I asked Sam. Yes Sam works at the movies. "Oh hey guys! Whats up?" he asked as he filled up the cup. "Anniversary with this famous boy. You know the usual." I said and Harry laughed. He put his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek. "Well Happy anniversary to you, and the coke is on me. Enjoy the movie." Sam said and handed me the coke. We thanked him and walked to the door of our theater. 

We walked in to the theater and no one was there. "Why is no one here?" I said aload. "Just another present." Harry said and took the coke from hands and took a sip. "Really! This is so cool."  I said and walked over to him. He already got me a new iPhone case, and a Tiffany necklace and bracelet. The bracelet had a H on it, the necklace had the infinite sign on it. I got him a leather bracelet with a H and M on it. i also got him a new iPhone because his cracked and he only had the 4 so I upgraded him. "Thank you. But why did you rent it out?" I asked him and started to go up to the top row. Top row has the best view. "Well you said you didn't want attention because you just want me to yourself, so I called while you were getting dressed and rented it out for you." Harry said as we sat down next to each other. "You're the best ever." I told him and kissed him. "Best thing about this movie place is that the arm rest go up." I said and pulled it up and pushed it back into the seat. Harry smiled and put his arm around me. 

Not even half way through the movie I got bored with it. I already had my hand on Harry's knee so I started to draw circles on it. I moved my hand up and started to rub his leg up and down. I saw him tense up. I smirked to myself and moved my way up. I could feel his eyes burning into me but I wasn't looking at him. I finally got to his area and added the slightest bit of pressure. When I did that he grabbed my wrist. I was then forced to look at him. "What are you doing?" he whispered even though we were the only ones in here. "Having fun." I said and moved my other hand to his area and started to rub it. I could feel his pants get a little tight so I decided I would keep it up. "Were gunna get  caught." he said through his teeth. "No were not, now shut up and let me do this." I sassed at him. I started to unbuckle his belt. After that I popped the button off his jeans and used my teeth to pull down the zipper. I pulled his pants down to his ankles. At this point I crawled over him and straddled him. He was now in his boxers. I could see the buldge in his thin Calvin Kline boxers. I leaned in and crashed my lips onto his. He lifted my dress up a little bit and squeezed my butt. He dragged his tongue across my bottom lip and I opened my mouth a bit. We explored each other mouths. I will never get over how he tastes. Mint. He started to unbutton my dress just down to my chest. I slapped his hand away. "I can wait till we get home. You know how I can't hold in my screams." I said and winked at him. "This is about you." I said and kissed his lips once more and pulled away. I grinded our crotched together. He let out a little moan. I got over to the seat next to him and pulled down his boxers a bit. Then I ripped them off. His member slapping up to his lower abdomin. I will never get over how big he was either. I grabbed it lightly in my hand and started to go up and down. He was letting out supressed moans. I took that as to go faster. I then lowered my head on to it and started to bob my head up and down. I did that for a while and he finally came undone in my mouth and I hallowed out my cheeks and swolled him all. I pulled his boxers up and then his pants. I sat down and buttoned up my dress. 

I looked over at him. He was trying to get his breathing back at normal. Once he did "That was mind blowing." he said and pulled me over my chin and kissed me. "We should do this more often." he said and smirked. "Lets get back to the movie eh?" he asked. I shook my head. "Lets go home. Round 2 is waiting for us." I said and got up and ran down the ramp. I was at the exit door and saw Harry still sitting in our seats. "C'mon baby. Or I can home and do this myself and you will be alone." I said and pouted. He got out of his seat and ran down the ramp and to me. "Lets get you home." Harry said and pushed us through the door. The ride home was pretty intense. Harry cursed at every red light that got us. Once we go home he pushed me up against the wall and attacked my neck. The rest of the night is history.

When I woke up I reached over to Harry and saw he wasn't there. "Harry?" I said in my raspy morning voice. "Over here." he said. I sat up and noticed I was naked. I pulled the blanket up to my chest. He was sitting at my desk on my laptop. He was on Twitter going through his mentions. "I thought you don't look at you're mentions." I said and walked over to my dresser. "I do, its just I don't respond to them, There very dirty." he said and continued to scroll. I pulled on a pair of underwear and bra and put on a tank top and shorts. "Yeah I know. Remember I used to be one of those perverted Directioners." I said and sat on his lap. "Still are." he joked back. I saw a tweet and told him to stop. "@Harry_Styles were you at the movie last night? Because I think I saw you and Melanie getting drinks." the girl tweeted. "Respond. its a nice one." I told him. He clicked reply and said "Yes! We were. Why didn't you say hi?" Harry tweeted back. "Do you wanna see my mentions go crazy?" he asked. I nodded. I've always wanted to see one of the boys mentions. The numbers went like crazy. Finally after 10 minutes it stopped. Over 500,000 new mentions. "Christ!" I said. "Here click on that girls twitter." i said and he did. She responded. "Sorry it looked like you were on date. Didn't want bother. But you guys are the cutest ever! Tell Melanie I said hi!"  "Awwww that is so adorable." Harry hit reply and said "I always have time for fans. Melanie was being a fatty and buying the whole snack bar. haha. She said hi:)" "Wow thanks for calling me a fatty, jerk" I said and punched his arm. He leaned in and kissed me. "Love you" he said. "Love you too." Harry went over to the girls follow button and clicked it. "You know shes probably screaming her head off right now, right?" I told him. "I know." The girl tweeted back a thank you for following and Harry retweeted it. I logged him off and went on mine. i checked my mentions and saw everyone telling me harry called me a fatty. I laughed. I tweeted to Harry. "@Harry_Styles thanks for the comment babe. love you too! btw you have bony legs." I pressed tweet and it was sent. I got a response back from him. "Are you on you're phone?" i asked him. "Sure am fatty." he said and kissed my shoulder. "Hate you." I said and read his tweet. "@Mel_Fekete anytime and you have a bony bum. Now get off twitter so we can get on our plane on time. love you too:) #bonybum"  I retweeted it and logged off. "My things are all packed I just need to put my laptop in my bag and we can go." i told him. i got up and put my laptop in my case. I walked downstairs and saw my mom sitting reading a book. Most likely Harry Potter. "Ready mom?" i asked her. She set her book down and nodded. She grabebd her keys and we walked to her car. 

She kissed me goodbye and hugged Harry. "Love you mom" I said and she said it back. We walked over to the ticket man and handed them over. We boarded the plane. I turned off my phone and we took off. "What are you doing?" Harry asked me while taking a sip of his water. "Twitter." i told him and wrote back to my friend Emily. "You're really addicted." He said. I nodded. Me and Harry were taking pictures and uploading them to his twitter when the flight attendant told us to turn off all electronics and fasten our seatbelts. "Welcome to England everyone." the voice said. "Home." Harry said and I said back "Home.' 

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