Chapter 6

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I was sitting out back by the water fountain. Thinking of everything that was happening. I had called and had given Kerri and her friends names to some of our men. Their houses and families were under watch. The girls had vanished along with Sophia though. I knew it had to do with them. I just didn't know why. That was the unanswered question that was killing me.

I highly doubted these girls were doing this for no reason. And I know for a fact they have to have had help. The only thing that settled my stomach in the tiniest way was knowing those girls had no fighting skills. Sophia has been trained for situations like this. We've all been kidnapped a few times. But we knew why those people did it. And they only hit us or cut us. They all had to keep us alive to get whatever amount of money they deemed.

I will get you back safely Soph I thought to myself.

I heard a branch crack and I spun around in attack mode. There stood a sad looking De Luca. "Get the hell away from me. I'm seriously on the verge of killing someone and you just might do." "I'm not leaving you alone right now. I'm under strict instructions to monitor you." "I don't care what my parents tell you. If you value your life then you will listen to me." I got up and started walking away. "I'm here if you need to talk or need any help" he said as i walked by. "I can manage on my own thanks." I went to my room and changed into a pair of work out shorts and a sports bra. I put on my socks and my running shoes. I need a serious work out to help my mind.

I walked into the gym and stood there looking around wondering where to start. I picked the treadmill first. I ran for over an hour. My legs were begging me to stop. My muscles were burning and my breathing was starting to pick up. I slowed down my pace and eventually stopped. I took a big sip of my water and looked around. I needed music. I walked over to the stereo and put on Pandora. I let the like sounds of Kesha surround the room. I then went to the weight bench and sat down. I put 40 pounds on the bar and started lifting. After a few reps I added another twenty pounds. Yes sixty was my max. I done seven more reps and moved to the punching bag. I was throwing kicks and punches left and right. I imagined those bitches faces with every swing. I kept at this for another few hours. I sat on the floor looking around. We weren't aloud at school till our parents came back so I had no need to rush to bed. I got up and decided to run the outskirts of our property. I walked out the front door and was stopped by De Luca.

"You ok?" I pushed past him. "I'm going for a run around the walls." I kept walking to the main entrance. I always started here. Before I knew it he was beside me. We didn't speak just ran. I started slow. But with all the thoughts, I picked up my speed. I felt like everything around me was a blurred vision.

My legs were burning. My lungs felt like they were going to explode. Sweat covered my entire body. But I didn't stop. I kept pushing myself. I wanted to feel the pain. It made me feel like I was suffering with Soph. I needed to feel the pain for her.

De Luca kept up beside me. I could sense him looking at me every now and then. But nothing or nobody matter at this point.

Then it hit me.....

I sprinted toward the house. I needed my phone.

"I need a cell phone number for Kerri Padillia. I also need a trace on it and the top ten numbers called and texted." "Why" questioned my grandfather. "Because this girl is the one from the party and I need to find her since she went missing too." "What was the last name again spell the first name." "It's K E R R I last name P A D I L L I A." "Hmm the sur name sounds very familiar. I will have the info forwarded to De Luca. Now get some sleep." "NO! I want the info sent to me. I will handle this myself." I was growing frustrated with everyone keeping me in the dark and locking me up.

"Pricillia, I will agree to send the info to you under one circumstance." "Ugh what the hell is it with you people? I fucking need to do this. I'm sick of sitting around doing nothing. This is my best fucking friend and nobody is letting me do a damn thing about it." I let out a big sigh. " I understand your frustration. But please refrain from that type of language. I will make everything you need available to you if you agree to let De Luca be there with you every step of the way. I will not let you be out there alone." "I don't need a babysitter."

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