Chapter 10- Ends with a BANG!

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Chapter 10- We end with a BANG!

"...Percy, Thalia, Jason and Nico, Truth or Dare?" Nico along with everyone else starred at her. Nico had no clue what she was talking about.

"Ummm... Annabeth?" said Percy. "You can only pick one person." Annabeth shook her head.

"I chose you guys." Said Annabeth. Nico sighed.

"Come on guys, could be fun." He said shrugging. Leo nodded.

"Ya, I agree with ghost boy, this should be fun to watch. And I've got my camera!" Leo pulled out the bronze camera and smiled crookedly. Piper snatched the camera from Leo.

"I think we've seen enough of the camera, Valdez."

"So," said Jason. "I'm guessing it's suppose to be a Dare?" Annabeth nodded. Nico was kind of terrified.

"So, what is it Wise Girl?" Asked Percy. Annabeths eyes sparkled the way they do when she's talking about archecture or strategizing a battle. Nico kind of wished he hadn't suggested they do it.

"I Dare you guys to go to the middle of the pavilion and have a big big three fight." Nico and the other big three kids starred at her.

"This should end well." Said Leo. Nico glared at him but he just shrugged.

"Alright, I guess." Said Jason standing up with Thalia. Nico hufted and Him, Percy, Jason and Thalia walked out. They got to the center of the green and Thalia stood next to Jason. Percy stood close to the water and Nico just scratched his head; confused. Thaila smiled.

Thalia POV

Thalia smiled and raised her arms along with Jason. The air hummed with electricity.

"So You think Poseideon is better then Zeus! Seaweed brain?" clouds gathered over the camp and thunder rolled loudly. Percy glared at her and Jason.

Percy POV

Percy smiled wickedly.

"Yes, I do! Poseidon is better then Zeus and Hades combiened!" he yelled. Long island sound erupted from behind him forming an 80 foot wall. The air was dry from the lack of water and the Ozone from Jason and Thalia.

Nicos POV

Nico watched as the three other looked at him. Then he got it. He held his sword out.

"Hades is Lord of the under world, kind of the dead. I will kill you for such a lie, Jackson!" The groud exploaded around Nico dead warriors walked out. A strong orra of death radiated through the air.

"We end this now!" Cried Jason pulling out his own sword. Thalia pulled out her spear. Percy uncapped Riptide.

They charged.

Theirs weapons met.


The camp exploded.

Nico was blown back 30 feet. He landed on the roof of the burning Demeter cabin. He sat up slowly rubbing his head. Percy had been blown into a skid mark on the beach. Thalia was hanging off the weather vain by her shirt and looked terrified. Jason was flying up to get her rubbing his head.

Leos POV

Leo coughed. He had just seen Jason, Percy, Nico and Thalia explode on impact. He looked around. Piper, Annabeth, Rachel and Grover all looked worried, but okay. Leo noticed the outside of the cabin was on fire. He sighed.

"Stay, here." He said. He walked out of the cabin completely unaffected by the flames. He looked around at the burning camp. Percy was staggering on the beach which was dug out like a trench. Nico was falling off the Demeter cabin and being pelted by carnations. Jason was floating down off the Big House holding Thalia who had her arms around his neck onto for dear life.

He ran over to the Big House.

"Jason, what happened?"

"I'm really not sure." Said Jason floating to the ground. Thalia didn't let go off his shirt, she looked terrified. Chiron cantered out.

"What happened here?" he asked. Percy and Nico ran up. Nico was pulling cereal out of his hair. Leo would have laughed if it hadn't been so tense.

"I think," said Nico, spitting flower petals out of his mouth. "that, was our fault."

"I'd say that." Said Leo. Then he remembered something. "Oh, most of the valley's on fire, Percy, if you could. Like I don't care but..." Percy nodded and a wave doused the entire camp. A bunch of Aphrodite girls burst out of the cabin.

"JACKSON!" They called. They ran up to him brandishing smoking flat irons at Percy. Leo had to admit, they looked pretty funny.

"Girls, we will have your hair fixed, now please go back to your cabin." The girls stomped off in a puff. Thalia finally let go of Jason. Leo wanted to comfort her.

Nicos POV

"Okay," said Chiron, looking at Percy, Thalia, Jason and Nico. "You caused this?" Nico sighed and they all nodded their heads. (-Leo)

"We were kind of playing truth or dare, Chiron. Sorry." Said Percy capping Riptide.

"Well then, you will have to clean it up." Said Chiron.

Hours later

Annabeths POV

Percy, Thalia, Jason and Nico scrubed the big house,cleaning off the ashes. Annabeth walked over to Percy and sat down.

"how ya' doing Sea Weed brain?" Percy grumbled sitting up and whipping sweet off his brow.

"Annabeth," he said. "I hate you so much right now." The rest of the Big Three children sat up on the legs.



Nico + Percy + Jason + Thalia(Especially Thalia) NO IT WASN'T!

Me- that was fun to write!

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Everyone- *Grone*

Leo- hey Piper.

Piper- ?

Leo *Holds up the photos from chapter 7* *Snicker, Snicker*


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