chapter 4

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Then Dakota and everyone goes outside and see a bunch of blood leading to the lake they all look at Frankie.Then Frankie says it wasn't me.Then out of no where Madi and Cody started kissing.

Alex's side

I had no idea what to think should i trust Frankie?Is someone making him do this i don't know but i will find out.So we had no idea what to do so we cleaned it up.There was one spot of blood left so i rubbed my foot on it to make it go away but it got bigger.I looked up and Cody wasn't here and i saw like a little flap in the grass i pulled it open and there was Cody's body laying there lifeless.I couldn't bare to look at  the body i called everyone over and they couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Tanner's side

I kept wondering who the hell would do something like this.Also should i trust Frankie.I had no answer to either of those questions.Then we went inside i looked around i didn't see Connor.Then Madi left to wash her hands.Then i heard a scream i ran toward it Madi was standing there staring into the shower i looked and Connor was hanged.

Then everyone else ran in and Dakota says now  i wanna know who the f*** is doing this and i wanna know right the f*** now?!Then Madi said i don't know but whoever it is knows what their doing.

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