chapter One

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-Present Time-

~ Joe POV ~

"Hey Joe, you still want to watch this movie?" said TJ

TJ has been in my house all this weekend. So me, TJ, and Gino have spend all weekend watching movies , playing on the PS3. Before mine and Gino senior year start next Monday.

"JOHANNAAAAA!!!!!!" I heard Gino shout at me and made me jump.

" WHAT!!! Gino that you call me Johanna" I told him little grumpy that he scared me.

" Well Joe you were day dreaming and I know it was about me babe" said Gino with the smile that I love

" Well yes, my little mustache man" I told him with a kiss that then TJ scare us

"Hey!!!! love birds are we gonna watch the movie or are yall gonna be making out all night" said TJ with a serious face that just makes us give each other a quick kiss


While we where watching Step Up 3 and seeing Moose and Camille relationship me and Gino look at eachother because its like our relationship.

After the movie was done, I went to drop Gino off at his house. Because his car was new n he didn't want to used it until Monday.

As Gino was driving to his house and a was on my phone. He said "Joe, do u think we would be like this for a while......"

And I cut him off and told him with a cheek kiss, "Don't be a dummy we are gonna last for a long time"

He still had a sad look on he face and wasn't gonna let this go. As I left him at he house we both got off and I told him, "You need to stop this thing of us not that's gonna last" With a sad face said, " Ok Joe ...hanna" with a smile and a goodnight kiss

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