It was Tuesday a suprisingly sunny day. 

Rachel was waiting for Zayn to come and pick her up he was late. 

Which was not like him. 

15 minutes later he arrived looking very flustered and a bit overwhemled. 

When he saw Rachel he gave her a massive hug, he wouldn't tell Rachel anything until they had set off for school. 

'Come on then Mr secretive whats the big news?' Rachel asked excitedly. 

'I did it Rachel i really did it!' Zayn almost shouted at her. 

'Well thats great but what exactly did you do?' 

'oh yeah so i was walking to my car this morning and i saw her she looked so beautiful and i ran up to her and asked her?' 

'Who and what did you ask her?' Rachel said with a hint of worry in her voice Zayn had never acted like this before and she was a bit scared. 

'I asked her i asked her to prom!' 

'ZAYN WHO ZAYN WHO THE HELL DID YOU ASK TO PROM!!!' Rachel screamed in his face. 

'Rachel calm down i'm only here' 

'Oh yeah sorry but come on Zayn who!!' 

'Lucy i asked lucy...' 

Rachel's heart stopped she couldn't breathe not her anyone but her. 

'So say something...aren't you happy for me?' 

'Yeah zayn yeah i am.' said Rachel suddenly getting her breath back.' But come on Zayn her she's been an absolute bitch to me ever since i started this school just because she's pretty she'll just use you!' 

Zayn pulled up ' Well i don't think any of that is true yeah she's been a bitch but she's changed she really has..' 

'Zayn you really believe all that rubbish thats come out of her mouth she's dangerous Zayn so watch out sure take her to prom but don't come complaining to be when she's took your heart...'

'Rachel since when have you become a know it all Lucy has turned into a very loving very caring nice girl not that you'd no anything about those things.'

Rachel felt like bursting into tears she opened the door and got out 'Well you know what i don't want anything to do with you or your stupid girlfriend you jerk!' 



Zayn sat there in shock why was Rachel acting this way lauren never spoke to him in a nasty way. 

But then again he and Rachel hardly ever argued. 

Lucy can't have done something that bad had she. 

Surely not Lucy was a nice pretty girl that wouldn't hurt anyone. 

 Or was she?... 



The day had gone so quickly there was only one lesson left and she had not been looking forward to it all day. 

It was history and who better to sit next to but the devil herself. 

Lucy Peters... 

She hated her so much. 


 That horrible noise it was 6th period. Where would have to be tourched for an 1 hour by the witch of all witches. 

It was funny yesterday she had been so excited to hear that bell and now she felt as though it was the bell for the feeding time for the lions and she was on the menu. 

She walked into the empty classroom and sat down. 

As the room filled in she began to feel sick she was waiting for her blonde locks to appear in the doorway and in a matter of seconds they did. 

Her stomach flipped she started to squirm in her chair. 

She was extremley pretty. 

She had a giant fake grin on her face and she came bounding over to Rachel and sat down.

'Hey Rachel how are you babe haven't seen you in ages'

Rachel was going to be sick she closed her eyes this was a horrible dream.

It had to be because she definatley hadn't had an arguement with Zayn.

Won a Netball match.

Got an A  in a geography pop quiz.

And she was most definatley not sitting next to the girl who stole everything from her.

'Why are you being nice to me?' Rachel blurtled out.

'Surely thats not a nice way to greet an old friend' Lucy said looking slightly annoyed but was destracted by straighting her pink fluffly pens.

'You might be old Lucy but you're certaintly not a friend.'

'Look i don't know what you're problem is with me but listen up...'

'You don't know what my problem is you ruined my life i had everything and you took it all away just so you could become... well popular if you call those friends over there you're actual friends.'

'Look weather you like it or not i'm going to become a big part in your live and lets just say i'm not going out with Zayn because of his kind personality' Lucy winked at Rachel.

Rachel wanted to get up and slap her as hard as she could but she couldn't she just couldn't she would wait to tell Zayn and he would be thanking her that she saved him from a horrible mistake.


Then she looked up from her daze and saw Zayn he was getting books out of his locker, she ran up to him and smiled.

'Zayn i'm so glad i found you about lucy she was talking to me and she said that...'

'Look Rachel nothing you say is going to make me wanna not go to prom with her so just save your breath okay!' 

Zayn slammed his locker door and walked off. 

Why was Zayn being like this? 

Surely he didn't pick her on purpose?

Or did he?

Surely he could have anyone else?

Anyone else? 

Just not her?


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