Chapter 3

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'Just my luck.' I thought, closing my eyes slightly.

"Okay, let's go!" the man yelled, leading us to the arena.

"I'll go right, Beau'll go left, and Ava can go forward. Yeah?" Jai said, like a leader. He was really competitive...

We all went off in different directions, my heart was racing. I did not like this maze thing. Turning every corner, I got more scared. I saw shadows, but I'm sure they didn't see me.

I heard someone shoot. I looked around, avoiding the direction it was coming from.

'Run, just run. And it'll be over soon.' I said to myself.

I turned around (whilst running) checking to see if I could see anyone following me. I suddenly bumped into someone.

"Ow..." I mumbled, then quickly held my paintball gun to the boys face. But then I realised he was on my team.


"Beau, we need to split up." I said, turning my back to him. Trying to leave as quick as possible, but then an arm grabbed my hand and turned me around.

"We need to talk." He stared intensely into my eyes.

"Talk? I don't think it's a good time." I said, trying to release his grip. I turned around, and walked away from him.

A few seconds later, someone jumped on top of me. Pushing me to the floor, laying on top of my body. This is supposed to be a friendly game of paintball, why is he being so violent?! Who is this person anyway?

"Beau, what are you doing?!" I yelled at him pushing him away.

"I'm protecting you! That's what I'm doing." he got up off of me and ran off. That was when I realised that the tree behind me had paint splattered all over it.

Someone tried to shoot me?

I got up, trying to see who it was, but obviously they ran off.

A few minutes have past, and finally I see two shadows standing a few metres in front of me, discussing where to go. It was Mason and Seth, l could tell by the way they stood and their height.

I quickly ducked down, moving closer towards them. I lifted my gun up, ready to shoot my brothers.

Pressing the trigger, paintballs flew out and splatted on my brothers' backs. They turned around and shot at me. 2 against 1? I really should've ran before.

My body throbbed after I was shot. I started to pull the trigger as many times as I could, aiming exactly on their chest, but they started to aim for my chest too. I was screaming in pain. Someone ran from behind and stood right in front of me. Taking the bullets for me... Well, paintballs.

"Run!" it was Jai's voice.

"No." I said, I peeped over Jai's body and shot Mason down below. Then peeped over on the other side and shot Seth in the same place. Why didn't I think of that earlier?

"Haha, good shot." Jai said, holding my hand and dragging me through to find our way out. After he calmed me down we decided to stay with each other.

A few minutes later, it was over. Thank god! After we showered, we changed back into our own clothes and met up with everyone in the café. We had late lunch before going back to get ready for the party.

*Back home*

"Right, it's 5... So you've got 3 hours to get ready!" my mum shouted up to us, whilst sprinting up the stairs. She had to get dolled up too!

I wore a white dress, cute heels and a clutch. Make up was perfect and my hair was nicely done.

I walked down to see everyone waiting for me.

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