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“Wait, what did you just say?” Sam asked, bewildered.  I sighed and thought about the decision I just made. I knew that if I sat there and analyzed it before I told Sam; I wouldn’t have told him at all. This was a rushed and barely thought out decision that he would just have to deal with, or better yet he’d want nothing to do with.

      “I’m an assassin Sam. I kill people for a living.” I calmly explained. There were so many ways I could have sugar-coated it, so many ways I could have made it sound better, like I wasn’t a murderer, but I didn’t. Truthfully, there was nothing sweet or sugary about my job; I was in fact a murderer.

I stared at Sam’s face as he took it all in. It was completely blank and unreadable, causing me to become slightly nervous. I glanced over at Ellie who was leaning against the wall and eating an apple, as if this was an everyday occurrence for her.

I rolled my eyes and put my attention back on Sam, who looked the same way I’d left him. I was about to yell at him and tell him to say something, but then he finally made eye contact with me.

      “So, like Assassin’s Creed then?” He questioned, looking kind of excited.

      “Yes, exactly like Assassin’s Creed, except for one little difference.” I smiled innocently at him.

      “Really, what?” He looked like he was about to burst from excitement.

      “It’s a fucking video game!” I angrily shouted. This was nothing like that game. First, there were many things in that game that just weren’t possible, one of them is being able to come back to life after you’ve fucking died. Yeah, if I die, then that’s it.

      “Yeah but do you have all those cool weapons and stuff?” He looked like he was about to start bouncing off the walls. I swear this kid played way too many video games.

      “Half of those weapons aren’t even real Sam. These would be real.” I said, opening up my leather jacket to reveal all of the weapons I had strapped to me. He gazed at all of them in awe and then his eyes ran up and down the rest of my body.

      “Damn, that’s kind of hot.” He said, biting his lip as continued to look me over.  Did he ever stop being a pervert? I rolled my eyes at him and closed my jacket.

      “Ugh, Sam focus for a second. Do you understand what’s going on now?” This was serious, yet he was playing it off like it meant nothing. I needed him to realize how dangerous all of this was.

      “Yeah, I understand. I understand that you may kill people for a living, but knowing you it’s probably some of the worst people in the world, who deserve to die anyway. I understand that your parents and your training have a lot to do with this. I understand that there are still some things that you aren’t telling me, but you have to understand something now,” He walked over and cupped his hands around my face.

      “And what’s that?” I swallowed. I hated when he got serious and looked into my eyes like that, I felt as if he could see into my soul.

      “You have to understand that it doesn’t matter what you say, I’m not letting you go ever again Red. You could tell me the most terrible things and I’d still be by your side, I’m sorry but you’re stuck with me now.” I stared back at him and saw how sincere he was.

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