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Zayn's Pov:

The night it can be your bestfriend or your worst enemy, In my case it's my bestfriend, The pitch black night sky is filled up with beautiful shining stars that nobody really cares to stop and look at, The moon reflects on the water below your feet in the river, The reflection it's not perfect or still but it's an image of the world around us. Your face can be hidden from strangers around you, I barely go out during the day, The night is my salvation it's where I feel most at home. It brings danger but I'm not scared of death or pain I fear neither, I've learnt to never live life scared because fearing life is no fun at all. Live for the here and now. Tonight I was out walking just as I always am until I saw a boy I'd never seen before, His beauty amazed me. How could a human being be so perfect? I then saw people following him they looked dangerous so I decided to follow them to make sure no harm came to the boy, I followed them deep into an abandoned alley. However the sight before me made me feel sick. Boys were towering over this beauty hurting him. Words left my mouth before I could even process them. 

"Oi leave him alone!" I shouted, They all turned around to look at me, The blonde boy was dropped to the floor, The boys then lunged towards me, I smirked before quickly jumping over every single one of them, They looked at me with wide eyes before they lunged towards me once again, I used my strength to push them back against the concrete wall. There skulls coming into contact with the hard concrete behind them, I then jumped on them one by one knocking them unconscious. I then began to rip at there throats with my fangs killing them all, My attention was then turned back to the boy laying unconscious on the floor. I walked up to him before placing my hand against his throat, He still had a pulse so he was alive just knocked out, I contemplated what to do, Should I leave him here? Or take him back to mine? By the look of him he had broken bones, I lifted him up in my arms before quickly making my way back home, He needed help and fast. 

I raced to mine at the speed of light, To any normal human being this would be unnatural to me it was a way of life, No I'm not a normal human being. I wish I was but I just wasn't, I quickly rushed in the door screaming for my father. 

"Father! Father!" I yelled out. 

"Zayn wh- Zayn is that a human?" Louis asked, I rolled my eye before replying. 

"Don't say a word Louis" I warned him. 

"Zayn are you fucking crazy! You can't bring a human here!" He yelled. 

"He could have fucking died out there!" I yelled back finally losing my patience, Louis made his way towards me but I stood my ground holding onto the boy tighter. 

"Enough!" My father yelled making his way up to me. 

"What's the problem?" He asked taking a look at Niall. 

"He was attacked by them, I didn't know where else to bring him" I replied, The rest of our family arrived looking questioningly at the boy in my arms, I stared them all down warning them to keep away from him. 

"Are any of you having a thirst for his blood?" My father asked, They all shook there heads no. 

"Bring him to your room Zayn, I will be up in a moment" I nodded my head before retrieving up the stairs with Niall in my arms. At the top of the stairs stood Liam, He smiled warmly at me, I returned the smiled before walking into my room, Gently placing the boy on the bed. 

"Your craving his blood?" Liam said, I nodded my head. 

"I've never wanted a humans blood so badly before, But I've never wanted blood and been able to control myself" I replied, Liam looked at me with adoration filling his eyes.

"He's a good person, I know it" Liam said before leaving the room, My father arrived seconds later and began work on Niall, I stood back taking in the blonde's beauty, I only met him tonight but I feel a sudden rush of protection over him. I left the room allowing my father to do what he needs to. 

"Are you fucking crazy!" Louis yelled when I jumped down the stairs. 

"Don't start Louis!" I growled back. 

"No, I will fucking start! Do you have any idea what you've done!" He yelled. 

"I've saved his life!" I spat venom filling my voice. 

"No your risking our exposure for him!" Louis stated. 

"He could have died" I replied. 

"One less human to worry about! Your risking everything for him Zayn! Your expecting us all to accept what you've done, Do you have any idea what will happen if they find out" Louis said. 

"Nothing will happen because there not going to find out, And he will never find out what we are" I replied calmly. 

"Your bringing danger to this family!" 

"Does he look dangerous to you!" I snapped back. 

"Louis! That's enough, Nobody else has a problem with what Zayn's done so neither should you! Were not like the others Louis, Or do I have to remind you about that, Zayn saved an innocent life, I raised all of you to do the right thing, This boy he's not a danger to us, Liam has seen it with his own eyes, Zayn you may go to him now" My father said breaking up the fight, I scowled at Louis before bolting up to my room. There laid the blonde boy all wrapped up with more colour on his face, I smiled at him before walking over and taking a seat beside him, I did nothing I only looked. 

"Your safe now, Nobodys going to hurt you, I promise" I said. 

"Thank you" A small mumble came from the boy, My eyes widened, I looked down to see his eyes faintly opening. "You saved my life" He whispered. 

"Shh don't try and talk you've been through alot tonight, My fathers a doctor he's patched you up and your going to be fine, Get some sleep" I said softly. 

"At least tell me your name" The boy whispered. 

"It's Zayn" I replied calmly. 

"I'm Niall" He said, I smiled at him before covering him with the duvet cover. 

"Get some sleep Niall" I stated, Niall's eyes closed almost instantly, That whole night I didn't leave his side, I stayed put making sure no more harm came to the boy, I couldn't explain how or why but I felt an instant connection to this boy and I wanted to protect him from everyone. 

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