Chapter 9- Surprise Attack on the Twins

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Chapter 9- Surprise attack on the twins

"...Annabeth, Truth or Dare?" Asked Thalia. Annabeth pondered it for a moment.

"Dare." Said Annabeth. Thalia smiled.

"I Dare you to go kiss Travis and Conner Stoll." Percy tensed next to Annabeth.

"Fine." She stood up and walked to the Hermes cabin. She opened the door. Travis and Conner were in the center fighting over a camp shirt. To Annabeths relief there was only about 3 other campers in the cabin.

Travis POY

Travis glared at his brother. Then out of the corner of his eye he noticed Annabeth at the door way. He let go of the shirt; sending Conner flying across the room.

"hey Annabeth." He said.

"You are so getting worms in your underwear." said Conner. He sat up straiter. "Hi, Annabeth."

Annabeths POV

Annabeth looked at Conner, then back at Travis. She composed herself and stepped over to Travis. She got pretty close. Travis leaned back slowly.

"Annabeth?" he said. Annabeth grabbed his face and stood on her tip toes pulling him down and kissing him.

Conners Pov

Conner was rubbing his bruised head when he heard muffled screaming, it kind of sounded like Travis Conner looked up. Annabeth was standing under Travis kissing him. She let go and Travis was just staring at the wall his mouth wide open. Conner shook his head. she was dating Percy and Travis was dating Katie. Annabeth walked over to Conner he looked up at her.

"Ummm... Anna-?"

Annabeths POV

Annabeth leaned over and pulled Conner into his very own death kiss. He struggled. Annabeth stood back up and jogged out of the Hermes cabin. As she headed to Percys cabin there was an uncomfortable silence coming from the Hermes cabin. She knew she'd have to explain it (very soon)

When she got in the cabin everyone starred at her.

"I did it." She said, she sat next to Percy who starred at her.

"So?" he asked.

"Stick a sock in it Seaweed brain." Just then Conner and Travis burst in. they starred so hard at Annabeth, Thalia blushed.

"Hey guys, I'm sorry." Said Thalia.

"Why are you sorry Thalia?" said Conner.

"Because we're playing Truth or Dare and I Dared Annabeth to kiss you." Travis and Conner blushed deeply.

"Oh, cool." They said. Annabeth looked at the floor. They walked out and everyone looked at her. she was thinking about who to ask then an amazing thought came to her.

"Percy, Thalia, Jason and Nico, Truth or Dare?..."

Annabeth- Percy, Thalia, Jason and Nico. Isn't that against the rules?

Me- Possibly, just wait for the next chapter. Besides isn't there a chapter in The Battle Of The Labyrinth called Annabeth breaks the rules?

Annabeth- maybe.

Me- *Flips pages* Ya, here it is Chapter 4.

Annabeth- ...

Nico- I'm kind of scared to see what this multi person dare/truth is.

Me- You should be.

Nico- why?

Me- because she- hey, you're sneaky, but I'm not telling you anything else other then it is a Dare, and the last chapter.

Nico- Shoot, so close.

Leo- I could threaten her with fire. *Flames dance everywhere*

Nico- hmm...

Me- Hey Leo, you should be nice to me, I could have made Jason try and kill you after Pipers Dare.

Leo- ...


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