I was freaking out, Emily and I had been walking around for what seemed like hours. And I was starting to get worried, Emily has been staring at my neck for last 30 minutes and it was starting to creep me out.

“Casey do you even know where were going?” Emily huffed as she climbed over a fallen tree.

“No Emily I don’t,” I snapped

I didn’t want to snap on her but I was tired and cold and just plane freaked.

“Did you try using your phone?”

“No why didn’t I think of that!” I practically shouted.

I patted around my pockets only to realize that my phone was back at the house. I looked over at Emily hoping that she might have her phone.

“Don’t look at me; I lost my phone when I was being mauled.”

I tried not to cringe at how easily she talked about being a attacked as if it wasn’t a big deal. She was a vampire for Christ sakes it was a huge deal. But I think she just wanted to joke about it to take away some of the seriousness from the situation either way it wasn’t helping. You would think with all the people that went searching for Emily that we would have been found by now, but we haven’t seen a soul.

“Casey stop I hear something.”

I stopped so I could force myself to listen closely to any possible noise. We had been standing there for five minutes but I heard nothing.

“Do you hear anything?”

She put her hand up shushing me. Her head popped up smile forming on her face.

“What who is it?” I questioned.

“Its Emma and Willow, they’re arguing”

That was so like them to argue at a time like this for best friends they sure like to annoy the hell out of each other. I quickly followed Emily’s retreating form. We found Emma hanging from a tree with a rope around her ankles and Willow laughing her ass off.

“What do guys think your doing?” I shouted causing their heads to snap in our direction.

“Oh Emma got caught in at trap.” Willow paused sniffing the air, I could see her hole body stiffen. “Theirs a vamp near by.” Willow quickly cut Emma down causing her to fall with a ‘huff.’

My hole body automatically stiffen, but I realized that I had been walking with a vamp this past hour.

“Its ok you guys it just me” Emma and Willow both stared at her confused.

“What do you mean its just you?” Willow questioned.

“And why the hell do you look like that” Emma said pointing at Emily’s bloodied clothing.

“It a long story” Emily sighed

“Then give us the short version.” They said at the same time.

“Well I went outside got attacked by some vampires now I am one, I think  am I’m not so sure”

Willow held up her hand up shushing Emily.

“Let me get this straight you might be a vampire.”

“Well I’m not exactly sure.”

“How can you not be sure?” Emma shouted.

“Well I know that I have fangs and I have kind of wanted Casey’s blood”

I stared at her in shock I can’t believe my friend actually wanted to drink from me. Wow never thought I would say that before but then again I never believed in werewolves before.

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