Brooklyn POV 

              My hand instantly flew to my wrist. I knew I felt emptiness today, I just couldn't place what was missing. The brown leather bracelet that I have kept on my wrist , and never taken off ,since the 7th grade was gone. It was Dixon and mine's token of affection for another, we dated for 3 months before we got it personalized. Engraved on the leather bracelet was the words Brooks + Dix = Love Forever and Always <3. We both had one, Dixon was wearing his the night he died, I was wearing mine, Dixon was buried with the bracelet still on.... it's that special. I remember it chaffing my wrist a lot when I was trying to sleep last night.  I must have, for once in my life, taken it off and forgotten to put it back on.

              I didn't even realize the first tear start to fall. Not until it hit my hand , did I dry my eyes. Dixon's still a touchy subject for me, He was my first love. Since that night,  I promised myself I'd never fall in love again, to avoid further tears. Just then I walked by Leslie, of course she was hopelessly  flirting with Drake Alberts, in a way to get Campbell jealous. She was failing miserably. The worst part of the scene was Olivia Floral, the hurt and envious look on her face, tears threatening to fall. Leslie knew Olivia was practically in love with Drake, everyone did, but she didn't care. 

              That's exactly what I was just talking about. Flirting with a guy , even though your close with someone who likes them. I could never hurt Hazel like that, even if she doesn't say anything, I see the way she looks at Jared. She thinks we don't notice, but Hazel fails to remember, we've been best friends since the 3rd grade, I know her. I know all my friends, that's part of a Best Friends job. But, the person I know the most is Stephanie.

          Steph and I have been best friends since we were born. And I mean, no, it wasn't fate where we met in the recovery room, or something, and instantly knew we'd be BFF's. It's a little less complex than that.I mean first our birthdays are a week apart, so we couldn't of met in the recovery room.  It was basically already set in stone, that we'd be inseparable. Our mom's grew up together and are besties, same with our grandmas. We're also neighbors.

            But, it's not like it felt forced. I truly feel like Steph is the right best friend for me. She's always been there when I need her, we literally are mostly ALWAYS at each other's houses. She's my partner in crime, the person who really gets me and wont judge me about anything, she keeps me grounded. I guess what I'm trying to say is Stephanie's my rock, always has been and always will be, and I know I'm the same for her.

            As I passed Leslie gave me dirty look. Ever since the Dixon thing, she always acts very cautious around me, like I'm going to explode on her for ruining my relationship. That's why she hates when I'm around Campbell, she thinks I'm going to steal her man like she did mine, that I'm just out to get revenge on her and make her life miserable. What a self - centered girl. I really have no intention of hurting Leslie, even if she thinks otherwise, the pain I went through, I wish on no one. I really feel sorry for Olivia, to have a sister like that.

          I finally got to the locker room and went to put on my uniform. Our school uniforms are Purple, Turquoise, and Silver,  I love them. I put it on , and then take out my hair from its bun. I pull it up in a ponytail and then attach the mandatory purple and blue zebra bow. I take off my boots and put on my cheer shoes, and then put my boots and clothes back in my locker. When I'm done, I grab my cheer duffel and head down to the field.

          When I get to the field I put down my bag by the bench and go to stretch with Stephanie. " Hey Steph.",  I said,  plopping down next to her. " Hey Brooky", she said . We talked about random things, the caff mishap, Jared almost asking me out, Campbell being a pervert this morning, Matthew Jacobs trying to cheat on Crystal Floral with Stephanie, Stephanie refusing him, Crystal seeing the whole thing and making a huge scene, ending with Crystal dumping Matthew, Steph's big English paper due on Friday, how Mr. Goodstein's bald spot is blinding his students, laughing afterwards. Basically just our days and our thoughts.

            Just then Leslie and her sisters showed up and we got started. One thing I hate about Cheer  practice is that Leslie and I are Co- Captains, it's a nightmare. We did some warm - up jumps and stunts, then we did so cheers and practiced the spins and scorpions with the fliers. One base, almost didn't catch Candy Floral, she went ballistic. It . Was. Hilarious. After that outburst we practiced  dance moves to incorporate in our routine for the Assembly on Friday, and finished with a pyramid.

           Just when we were cooling down and drinking some water, everyone's phone went off at once.....

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