I'll Look After You: Larry Fluff (One Shot)

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It only started out as a light drizzle, but now deep, rolling thunder is starting to build in the distance. It's the panging on the window that had awoken Louis from his deep sleep. There was a soft glow in the bedroom that he shared with Harry, and at this moment in time, everything seemed perfect. Louis lied on his back and rolled his head to the right to look out the window, which was spotted with rain water. After gazing out the window for a while, he rolled his head to the left, to find that Harry wasn't in his bed. Louis sat up and looked around the room; the window seat, the small sofa in the corner, the desk on the other side of the room. Harry was no where to be found. Louis let out a small sign and arose from the bed, that was covered in crisp white sheets, and put a pair of sweatpants on. As he was doing this, he heard rustling in the kitchen, and assumed Harry was already up, making breakfast.

Louis swiftly walked down the long hallway, turned a corner and saw Harry, with his back turned, making bacon and eggs on the stove. His wide shoulders and muscular back looked tanned and beautiful from the glow of the lamp in the corner of the counter. The popping of the grease in the pan mixing with the sound of rain was a sound Louis could get used to. He quietly walked behind Harry and slinked his arms around his waist. This made Harry jump a little, and he turned his head to the left, to see it was only Louis holding him.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Harry greeted Louis with his deep voice.

Louis rested his chin on Harry's left shoulder, his arms still around his waist. He had his left hand grasped around his own right wrist, and his chest was pressed to Harry's back.

“Hi,” Louis simply replied with a sleepy quality to his voice.

Harry turned off the stove, and Louis released him. Harry put the bacon on a plate covered by a paper towel to let the grease drain out. Louis remained in the same spot in the kitchen the whole time, waiting for Harry to turn around to face him. When he finally did, Louis was surprised to see (but not really) that the marks he left on Harry's chest with his lips were still visible. Harry had his usual lopsided smile on his face, dimples ever present. His bed head/sex hair was sticking out in all different directions, little pieces of hair flopping over his forehead. Louis looked him dead in the eye, while placing his hands on Harry's chest, and running his hands up over his collarbone, over his shoulders, and finally resting his hands behind Harry's neck. Harry's mouth was now slightly agape, and he was staring intensely at Louis lips. Harry's head remained in the same position, tilted downward, but his eyes met Louis's, giving him a sultry look. Louis moved in closer to Harry and the tips of their noses touched, mouths inches away. Maybe even centimeters. Harry, whose back was still turned to the stove, put his hands on the edge on the counter, inside of his wrists facing outward. He hunched his shoulders up to his earlobes, and lunged his head forward, going in for a kiss. Just as he did this, Louis moved to the side to grab the plate of bacon, and walked it to the table. Harry almost fell flat on his face, stumbling a few steps. He let out a breathy laugh and looked up at Louis, who was now sitting at the table with a plate full of eggs and meat.

“Well?” Louis asked Harry, raising one eyebrow and nodding to the seat across the small table. Harry slowly walked over to said seat, and shivered a little as his bare legs came in contact with the cold seat. The two boys ate in a comfortable silence, aside from the rain hitting the window, and the light sound of thunder in the distance. Harry would stare at Louis intensely when he wasn't looking, wishing he could kiss him right then and there. Louis despised morning breath, so he always told Harry that they couldn't do anything until after breakfast. It drove Harry mad, because all he wanted to do was kiss every inch of Louis body every minute of every day. But sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the one you love.


Harry was lying in bed once more, listening to the rain with his eyes closed. He wasn't tired, but all he wanted to do was to lie with Louis and be enveloped in his arms. Louis had a feeling Harry wouldn't have his eyes open- he knew him that well- so he opened the door to their bedroom as quietly as possible. Harry was laying on his back with his large hands clasped together right below his chest. His ankles were crossed over each other. All he wore were his boxers from last night, and he looked absolutely radiant. The white sheets and blankets were bunched up in different parts of the bed, and the white curtains were blowing slightly from the air conditioning vents.

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