When I wake up, the suns is rising

"What time is it?" I ask stretching

"Eight o'clock, well rested?" Jazz asked

Six hours of sleep, not bad.

"Yeah..Where are we?"

"We're in Cleveland." Esme responded

"Why Cleveland?"

"Just passing through," Jazz responded

"Oh." My stomach growled

"Hungry?" Sam asked


The last time I ate was the morning we left the motel. Yesterday morning I think.

"We ain't got much, but here." Jazz tossed me the bag of ketchup chips

I tore into it. I didn't even realized how hungry I was until food was presented in front of me. Jazz was sitting in the passenger seat, having a quiet conversation with Esme. Sam clicked on the small, portable, old fashioned television and finds a static news station for Cleveland. Jaxon and Hayden are still sleeping behind me. I sit next to Sam on the edge of the mattress and train my eyes on the television screen but try and listen to Esme and Jazz's conversation, and I hear most of it.

Thank you multi-tasking skills

Jazz does most of the talking. She plans on getting a motel, low key. Possibly a hotel, but nothing fancy. We have to stay put in the room, we can't risk being out in the open, minus the crowds of people, no chances.

That's all I really needed too know, I turned my attention back to my chips and chewed slowly, watching the news now. Apparently, to the weather man, there was supposed to be a big storm sweeping threw Cleveland in the evening. If that prediction becomes true, we may be spending our night in Cleveland.


We were three hours away from New York. Esme had to stop and fill up the van's gas tank. Hayden was awake now. He got out of the car to use a washroom. I figured now would be a good time to use one, who knew when we would be stopping again. I decided to wake up Jaxon, even though he looked so cute while he was sleeping, but he would probably have to use the washroom too. Esme bought us slushies and gas station subs for the road.

After we were all done using the washroom, we climbed back into the van. It was two in the afternoon. Hayden took the passenger seat, Jazz and Sam were chatting around the t.v. Jaxon went back to sleep, poor guy, that wound on his arm took a lot out of him. I sat on the edge of the mattress, sipping on my slushie and nibbling on my sub.

I felt bad for Esme. She'd been driving non-stop for about two or three days. I wasn't quite sure, my schedule was a little messed up. I don't even know what day it was today. I think Esme only got three hours of sleep through out of our little road trip.

New clouds rolled in. Deep, dark gray ones. Thunder rumbled in the distance. The van hit a pot hole and I bounced back on the mattress. Luckily, my slushie cup was empty. The little road bump woke up Jaxon.

"You okay?" He asked me, because I did get jostled back a bit

"Am I okay? You're asking me,if i'm okay? I should be asking you if you're okay. Are you okay?" Man I babbled like an idiot

Jaxon just chuckled and gave me a lop sided grin.

"I'm fine." He replied

"How's your arm?"

"It's fine too." He waved it in the air to prove it to me

I went to grab my slushie cup, the straw fell out on the mattress. Me and Jaxon reached for it at the same time, our hands brushed each others.My heart skipped a beat. His hand was terribly cold.

"Are you feeling any better than you did last night?" I asked

"Much better." He smiled at me


Author's Note!: Just another Jaxon & Amber moment, yay! That chapter was really short, but its just a filler for what's coming up! I'm almost done writing too! Once I'm done this book though, I get to work on the second book!

Song for this Chapter; Faster - Matt Nathanson(lyric video on the side) So I chose this song because of one line in the chapter. When Amber's hand brushes Jaxon's and she says her heart skipped a beat, yea, well the line "You make my heart beat faster" in the song just reminded me of that, and everything else in the song is pretty irrelevant to the chapter

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