I screamed out in frustration, very professional, right?

It was like he never existed; no address, no job, no birth certificate, no nothing. This criminal was no amateur, he knew exactly what he was doing and how to do it correctly. Well besides being caught on camera, he should have at least remembered to cover his face

“Agent Nix, please be professional and take your case seriously.” Agent Selkald scolded.

“You try finding someone that on records does not exist!” I snapped, making Selkald back away a couple of steps.

It wasn't like me to lose my cool but this case was really getting under my skin, I was I expected to find him if there was nothing but a face to go on? Unless...

“Hey Selkald, were any of the robbers that partnered with Quinn arrested?”

“Yeah, his name was... Banks I think.” Ha, ironic how his name was banks and he loved robbing banks.

“Why?” he asked, suspicion written in his expression, instead of replying I grabbed my bag, slung it over my shoulder and made my way out of the building.

“I'm sorry, visiting times are over.”

“This important. Here,” I handed him my badge,

“You look-”

“Too young? Yeah, I've heard it all before, just hurry up. This is important!” I was getting impatient and fast.

“Follow me.” he lead me to a private room and then pointed to a chair on the nearest side of the table. “Sit.” Did he think I was some kind of dog? I rolled my eyes at him and sat down, watching him walk out of the room to return moments later with the prisoner and a guard.

“Be as brutal as you need.” the man told me then walked away leaving me with the prisoner and his guard.

“What do you know about your friend Kenneth?”

“Kenneth? Kenneth who? Kenneth Nixon? The singer?” he smirked,

“Do not play dumb with me!” I shouted, pounding my hand on the table.

“Or what? You'll get your Barbie to attack me?”

“I'm no child, I can probably fight better than you.”

“Doubt it.” he said, pushing his chair back and coming towards me, the guard went to lunge but I pulled up my hand.

“Try me.” I challenged. As soon as he lifted a fist I had him in a choke hold and chuckled.

“You must be one of his girlfriends, he loves them feisty.”

“I for one do not fall for scum-bags.” I shot back, tightening my hold then pushing him away. The hold left him gasping for air.

“So, where is he?”

“Got any paper?” I pulled a notebook and pen out of my pocket and handed it to him. After scribbling something on the piece of paper he passed it back to me and I walked out.

“Thank you.” I said over my shoulder as the door was closing.

“I need a car, now.”

“Of course Miss Nix, what kind would you like for your next challenge?”

“Something prepared for danger.” and with that I hung up and began to add things to my 'going away' bag. 

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