I woke up to find Justin by my side, I hugged him and kissed his cheek before checking on the babies. I walked into the nursery that had Jacob and Savannah in it. They were both asleep I looked at them for a couple minutes, but then felt arms around my waist. Justin.

"I missed you." I said as I hugged him, I put my arms around his neck.

"I missed you too." he said.

"Why'd you wake up?" I asked.

"When you kissed me on the cheek I guess that was my body telling me to wake up and do this. He kissed me. He licked my bottom lip, I let him in. This soon turned into a make out session. He put his hand up my shirt.

"Justin. Stop." I commanded.

"Why?" he asked.

"Uh, hello, we're in the nursery!" I whispered.

"Yeah, then let's take this to the bedroom." he said, and took my hand. I giggled.

When we got in there, he put me against the wall and started kissing my neck, and then Jacob woke up.

"I'll get him." Justin said. He came back with Jacob and Savannah. I took Savannah and started to rock her in my arms. Justin pecked me on the lips really quick.

"Mmm, I missed you babe." I mumbled in the kiss.

"Missed you too." he said then pulled away.

I took Savannah downstairs to get her a bottle, and Justin brought down Jacob. I saw Sarah was already downstairs with Sadie in her arms.

"How long have you been up?" I asked.

"5 in the morning." she mumbled.

"Is Alex coming over today?" I asked.

She replied with a nod, she is definetly not a morning person.

"Okay, he can come over as soon as wants." I said.

"He's already on his way." she said.

"Okay, jeez. You're in a horrible mood." I replied she mumbled something under her breath as I left the room.

I sat on my bed feeding Savannah, Justin was feeding Jake.

Alli came in.

"Mom, we're taping an episode in an hour, so I have to go." she said. She left and drove herself there now that she could.

"My baby girl is growing up so fast." I sighed.

"I know, I wish she could stay seven her entire life." Justin mumbled.

When we finished feeding Jake and Sav, we took them for a walk to the park. Of course we got surrounded by paparazzi. It woke up Savannah and Jacob.

"Guys! Stop!" Justin yelled. "You woke the babies up! Show some type of respect!"

They continued anyway. Justin was getting really mad. He made his hands into fists and I held him back.

"Justin! Don't do it!" I yelled, he turned around and we pushed the babies around as Justin called Moshe, he picked us up, and took us back to the house.

We got in the house and Justin was mad the rest of the day. He's always mad about paparazzi. I took care of the kids by myself the rest of the day. Mikayla was pretty much the only one home, but then she went out with her boyfriend. Alli came home but then went out with friends, and came back with a new boyfriend. The second they got home they were making out on the couch. Her boyfriend, Gage, was on top of her. This wasn't going to go any farther than that. He started kissing her neck then, my gosh! They made out for twenty minutes. They stopped for two minutes then went back at it.

*Alli's POV*

I brought Gage home today, and we were home alone. Gage and I were having a "tongue war" and then he put his hand up my shirt.

"You get your hands off my daughter this instant!" my mom screamed from the top of our steps. I thought we were alone. Gage left because he was mad.

"Allison! Get over here. NOW." my mom screamed.

I went over.

"What was that?!" she screamed.

"A make out session that went a little too far." I said.

"Grounded. Two days." she said. "Bring down all of your electronics."

"Mom!" I exclaimed.

"No, get them and bring them all down." she said.

I stomped up to my room, grabbed all my electronic. Well I had to take a few trips to take them all out

"Now go to your room until supper." she demanded.

I went up to my room and sighed. Life is so unfair, I hate it.

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