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Maria's POV

Goodness my heart was still pounding from my encounter with Ren. Stupid stupid stupid! I almost knocked him across the mall! However I knew that that's not why my heart was pounding now. I could still feel  the warmth from when his arms had picked me up as if I weighed nothing. By the looks of him he only weighed a little more than I did! My thoughts were interrupted as I heard a familiar voice.

"Unni!" I reached out and grabbed the older girl's wrist "I was so lost without you!"

"That's funny because I heard you and a certain Ren won the mission" She wriggled her eyebrows suggestively and laughed at the effect her words would have on my face. 

"So from what these guys tell me, You are gonna be the center of attention! and guess what's going to make a special appearance?" She said as she held up a familiar black case. My viola. This was gonna be good.

Ren's POV

We had all finally finished filming our teasers and were sitting around the filming site waiting for Maria. We had been told the stylists wouldn't let go of her too soon- and I shuddered at the memory of how long it took for them to stop swooning over dying my hair. JR was messaging his fists and Baekho was panting from doing all those cool stunts that i could never dream of doing. The guys would still occasionally burst out laughing, remembering the wig I had to wear for mine. I was just glad Maria wasn't there to see me look like Lady Gaga. Speaking of Maria...

"She's alive!" I heard Aron joke to my right. I looked up- she?

"Hey guys sorry I took so long " It took all my willpower not to gasp. She stepped onto the black set but did not blend in. She was in a flowy white dress that was longer in the back so it flowed around her, her hair was clipped up with a gold hair clip with two strands of silky hair on either side of her face. She looked...taller somehow and then I noticed that she had gold heels with straps that wrapped around her tiny ankles. Come on Ren- say something before It's too late!

"You decided to keep the shoes on this time huh?" I said with a smirk- oh yes, smooth Minki smooth.

"Beware now If you steal something from me you won't be able to run away as fast" Baekho said shaking his finger at her. 

"Now would    do something like THAT?"  she giggled and everyone joined in- her laugh was just that infectious. Just then the director came in with what looked like a big violin in his hands.  

"Now just play that piece on viola that you showed us" The director encouraged "It was perfect! Make sure you're standing in the middle of that spotlight- perfect! Whenever you're ready" He handed her what I now knew was a viola and she took it gracefully and a peaceful smile hung on her lips. I unconsciously leaned forward in my seat. Maria stood in the spotlight- she looked like an angel as she looked at them, blushed adorably, and put her bow to the string.

The entire room was entranced by the sweet sound that Maria drew from the instrument . Her body moved with the flow of the music, making her dress float about her in an invisible breeze. Sometimes her eyes would be closed, others they would shine brightly. I found myself hoping that they would look in my direction. The piece faded out almost as if I was waking from a dream. I suddenly found that I had been holding my breath. The silence was finally broken by the director "okay guys, that's a wrap"


Maria looked over her video hardly believing the magic these people seemed to do. The camera's that were around her were put together and it looked like she was spinning. Her dress popped against the black background and she didn't remember ever looking over her shoulder and smiling at the camera, but Jane insisted that she had done it- and beautifully. The video ended and Minhyun grinned at her, she grinned back. Who would believe that the members were so nice to her? and this was just the first day she's been with them! 

"The winners are... Maria and JR! because everyone else is tied, as a reward they will get to pick who will make breakfast for the other members tomorrow morning." The other members applauded and whooped  as JR stood up and yelled at the top of his lungs  "I nominate Ren!" and Ren's face paled. Was he that scared of cooking? " I nominate...myself!" Maria said proudly-receiving a bunch of blank looks from everyone in the room. 

"What? I like to cook! have you ever had pancakes?" Maria asked, astonished when everyone except Aron shook their heads. "Oh that's it Ren and I are going to make the best breakfast ever!" She looked at Ren who's smile was a little more relaxed now. Manager Hyung stepped up and declared "Then It's settled! We'll wake you up bright and early tomorrow morning but for now you will be living in an apartment building- the boys in one room, and You and Jane in another across the hall, see you tomorrow!" and he left. Jane and Maria grinned at each other. Roommates? this was getting better and better. They all headed to the apartment complex together- the ride was great but Maria's face was red the whole time because everyone kept praising her performance. When Her and Jane finally got to the apartment Maria was ecstatic. There was a kitchen and a living room with a loft that had two beds- one for her one for Jane. 

"You should probably get to bed so you're not hallucination tomorrow- I don't want curry in my pancakes!" Jane teased as Maria flopped into bed.

"Night Unni..." Maria floated off to sleep, wondering what on earth was going to happen next.

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