Terran Defenders: Genesis

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00:25am December 21st 2012

The anticipation had been building for months. The day, that so many people believed would herald some major event was just beginning. Some believed the day would be their last; that it would result in Armageddon or Judgement Day. There were fears of mass suicides, and other actions by fanatical cults that had become increasingly prevalent in the run up to this most auspicious of dates.

Some people even believed that a once unknown planet would appear in the sky and rain death upon the Earth below. That was the theory of Niburu, or planet X.

Most people, however, thought that the 21st would be nothing special. That it was just a coincidence that the Mayan calendar ended on that specific day.

As the first hour of the 21st was ending, events deep in the depths of space were taking place, events that would change everything forever.

03:56am December 21st 2012

The SETI institute had existed since 1984; its purpose was to detect signals coming from space. In all of its time of operating, the institute had only detected background radio waves and the noises of the stars and solar winds.

Most people believed space to be silent, but when using instruments such as SETI, the cosmos is full of the haunting tones of space.

The Institute, which is based in California, was about to see a change of staff, and it seemed to the on duty technicians and scientists, that this early morning shift would end the same as every other, with nothing to report.

At 3:56am, their instruments suddenly went berserk. A signal was being sent directly to the Earth from the depths of space. Immediately, the SETI workers thoughts of heading home forgotten, and within moments, the team was making urgent phone calls to their superiors. Within the hour, the United States government would learn of the signal.

04:20am December 21st 2012

Beyond Jupiter and the outer planets, there was a bright flash. The flash hailed the arrival of a star ship. A vast thing it was, twice as high as the world's tallest building, and ten spans the length.

The vessel was sleek with several outcroppings running along its aft; in some ways, it appeared like a giant octopus gliding through the ocean. The vast engines that had propelled it through the stars, ignited to life to thrust the ship around. It aimed at the distant blue dot in the far distance; the ship was heading for Earth.

05:45amDecember 21st 2012

NASA had been tracking the vessel for over an hour when the second bright flash occurred beyond Pluto. A second ship had arrived in the system.

However, with the arrival of a second unknown vessel, that initial excitement had quickly turned into concern.

The images that were coming in from the Hubble telescope were incredible; the first ship had already sped past Jupiter's orbit and its staggering speed would very soon pass by Mars.

The US government and the President immediately began to ask questions of the scientists at SETI. The signal was hastily being translated at that very moment.

Instead of communicating in their unknowable language, the alien ship's signal was in mathematical equations. NASA was busy trying to figure it out.

As the vessel neared Mars, the decision to inform the rest of the international community was taken. Already, China and Russia had detected the signal, and many other nations were becoming aware of the approaching ship.

06:50am 21st December 2012

At this time, an emergency meeting of the United Nations convened. Groggy diplomats from nations all over the world took their seats and sat slack jawed as they ingested the news that first contact with an extraterrestrial race had been made, the news of a second ship caused concern but the biggest bombshell was revealed an hour later.

The translated signal simply said; 'Help us'.


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