Chapter 8- Aphrodite demons

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Chapter 8- Aphrodite demons

"...Thalia, Truth or Dare?" Said Piper looking at Thalia. Thalia noticed Piper was blushing deeply and so was Jason. She was happy for her little brother but he didn't seem very enthusiastic. She made a mental note to get a copy of those pictures from Leo.

"Dare." Nico starred at her.

"I thought you were afraid of Pipers Dares." Thalia shrugged. She had to admit kissing Nico hadn't been all bad. Percy started snickering from the other side of Annabeth, Thalia shot him a death glare and he shut up.

"I Dare you to zap the Aphrodite cabin with electricity." Thalia didn't get why that was a Dare. She closed her eyes and felt the hairs on her arms stand up on end. She opened her eyes. Everyone was looking at her.

"Done." She said. there was a loud commotion outside. Six Aphrodite girls burst in with their hair smoking and sticking up in odd angles. the one in front looked eyes with Jason then with Thalia.

"Which one of you did this!" she screamed. Everyone was terrified- including Thalia (If you've ever seen an Aphrodite girl that has had her hair mest with, they are SCARY!) Everyone pointed absently at Thalia still starring at the girls. Thalia blinked and noticed the girls were coming after her. she stood up and tapped Aegis. Aegis grew into her shield and the girls stopped.

"You are so paying to get our hair fixed. Thalia Grace!" the girls stopped out. Thalia couldn't believe they used her last name. everyone starred at Piper who was smiling.

"Wha-?" said Percy. Piper held out one hand, then the other then brought them together. Her gestured said I knew about this, and about this so they equalled this. Thalia rolled her eyes and the tension went down and everyone laughed.

"Annabeth, Truth or Dare?..."

Thalia- that was fun! I should zap the Aphrodite cabin more, but I'll blame it on Jason.

Jason- Hey! Why would you do that?

Thalia- compensation.

Jason- ?

Thalia- compensation for not bugging you for those 12 years. You know; Pranks, name calling, teasing about girls. *Wink Wink*

Jason- *Blush and glare*

Thalia- I created the glare Jason, don't even try.

Piper- *Blush* *GLARE!*

Thalia- *GLARE!*

Leo- Guys, you're genna break your faces.

Thalia + Piper- *GLARE! (At Leo)*

Leo- Ahy!

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