I pressed my nose up against the window, trying to catch a better glimpse of the view from the car. My breath fogged the window but I wiped it away quickly, determined to see this sight for as long as possible. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much but I didn't care. The car turned left and the view was now gone. I turned to look out the other windows but the beach was now out of my sight, it's place taken by tall, monotonous skyscrapers. I sighed and pulled my knees up to my chest. The two men in the front started talking, obviously trying to block out me. People walked on the sidewalk, hugging, talking and hiding in the shade from the hot sun. We air conditioning, which I was fotunate for. It definitely had to be the hottest day of the year so far. I dried my palms on my thighs and wiped at my forehead.
"God, I'm dying in this summer heat." the tall man in the passenger seat commented, tugging at his suit tie. His partner nodded and put his sunglasses on in one fluid movement. His knuckles whitened as he turned a corner, and continued down another road. From this road I had another view of the beach. I remembered sunbathing there, paddling there, and messing there with my friends. I bit my lip as I remembered all the memories that were attached to this place. I would have to get used to it. As we turned another corner, my view vanished. It was the very last time that I said goodbye to the beach.

"I really need a job." I muttered, opening up Alexs laptop. I was 18 and well able to work, seeing as I had already graduated school. 
"I don't." Claire laughed from the opposite couch. She was lying down on the couch, her knees propped up and a packet of crackers balancing on her large bump. They were her new craving this week. 
"But seriously, what job could I get?" I asked, sliding my hand under the bottom of the hot laptop. 
Claire loudly chewed and started to speak with her mouth full, "Well, you're basically a roadie."
I winced at the sound of her eating and rolled my eyes, "You're going to be a mum soon and  you still act like a kid." I said, opening my Twitter.
Claire smiled widely, her mouth still full of food, "You asked for my opinion."  
I laughed and started scrolling through my interactions. Somehow fans had found out about my mum and were tweeting me nice things. I felt my smile widen as the door bell rang.

My head cocked to the hall. It was still weird to hear the doorbell. The band, crew and friends never bothered to even knock. I stood up and went to open the door. 
"Ciara!" I screamed, jumping onto her and hugging her.
"Hey whore!" She shouted as Claire ran out from the living room.
"We look like idiots, let's go in because it's cold out here." Ciara said, shivering.
"More excuse for food!" Claire screamed and skipped down the hall to the kitchen. I closed the door behind us as Alex stumbled down the stairs, rubbing his head. He stared at Ciara, confused. 
"Oh you!" Alex said pointing at Ciara.
"Yeah me!" Ciara smiled.  
He hugged her quickly before heading outside to make a phone call.  Ciara walked into the living room and sat down on the couch, she was always more 'ladylike' than Claire. I laughed at the difference.
"What are you laughing at?" She asked, puzzled. Her Irish accent was so strange to hear.
"Nothing, so how are you?" I asked, slumping down beside her.
She sighed and put her head in her hands as Claire walked in with three cups of tea. We always drank tea when she was here, it reminded her of home.

Jack's POV

I loved being back in Baltimore. Sure, L.A was nice, I had met alot of good people there. But I had so many memories back home. Plus, all my old friends lived here. Driving through my town, I started to think of all the stupid things we did here. The park, where Alex and I used to play in when we were younger. The local shop, where the girl I used to like worked. Rians house, where we used to practise. The car reversed into a parking space and all 6 of us clambered out. I smiled as we walked into the familiar bar. I slid into a booth with Whitney as the others ordered my drink.
"So I heard my Jacky got a girlfriend?" Whitney sipping her drink. I felt my phone vibrate before I could answer. I quickly looked at the screen. Holly was calling. Her picture was of her and I lying on the floor,asleep with bottles of beer surrounding us. She tried to get me to change it everyday but I wouldn't. I put my hand over the phone, ignoring it. It would be no use,it was too loud in here.
"And where did Whitney hear that?" I asked, looking at my phone until it rung out. 
"A little birdie told me." She winked finishing the end of her drink. She stood up as the rest of the group returned with drinks.
"Does Jack still dance?" She held her small hand out. I took my drink from Jacob and threw my phone at him.
"Don't answer it if it rings!" I shouted at him as I walked to dance with Whitney. He stuck his lower lip out and shrugged. I grinned widely at him and started to dance. I really liked being home. Maybe even more than L.A. 

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