"We have now arrived in Mullingar, Ireland. Thank you for flying British Airways"

Niall, the boys, and I were greeted my Niall's family along with mine.

"Greg!" Niall and I yelled walking over to Niall's brother.

"Let me hold my neice!" he smiled, I handed her over to him, "She is beautiful" he said admiring Lilo.

Niall's parent's looked down at her, "She has Niall's eyes"

"She looks just like Niall, doesn't she?" I asked, linking arms with Niall.

My family walked over and I hugged them all, "I missed you guys!"

Ruth held Lilo as we made our way back to my house, the boys would be staying with me.


"When does your tour start?"

"A month" Harry said.

We were all in my living room, Liam holding Lilo, we were talking about the future.

"Liam when do we get to meet Danielle?" I asked my brother.

"You can on the tour, she will be coming to a few of the performances."

"Guys, I can't go on the tour."

"What! Why not?" Niall said, looking hurt.

"You all know I got accepted to London Uni and I have a baby to take care of on top of that!"

"El please come with us" Louis begged.

"No, I'm sorry, I'm not going to live off of your sucess. I'm going to get an education and take care of Lilo. She is only a week old, she doesn't need to be traveling."

"Fine" Niall said flatly, he was pissed.

"I will go to your North American tour!"

"Yay!" Louis cheered.

"Why don't we take care of Lilo and you two go out?" Zayn suggested.

"Okay" I smiled, getting up and taking Niall's hand.


"Peri Peri Chicken please" I ordered.

"I will have the same" Niall smiled.

The waitress walked away and we were by ourselves.

"Eleanor, our tour is for two months."

"I know, I will miss you guys"

"Please go"

"Niall! Do you not realize that I have been offered to go to The University of London? I'm not going to throw away my dreams to live off of yours." I screamed.

"Fine." Niall said getting up and walking out the door, I ran out front and saw him getting in his car.

"Where are you going!?" I screeched.

"I'm not dealing with this right now, bye Eleanor"

I sat down on the sidewalk and sobbed into my knees, why is he being like this?

I pulled out my phone and called Liam, "Liam?" I sniffled

"Eleanor, what's wrong?" Liam yelled, very concerned.

"I'll explain later. Can you just come pick me up? I'm at Nandos."

"Where is Niall?"

"Just come pick me up Liam." I said hanging up, I can't deal with him right now.

I was still crying when Liam pulled up, he jumped out of the car and helped me up, "What did he do to you Eleanor!"

"Nothing, can we just go?"

We got in the car and Liam looked at me, "What happened Eleanor?"

"I told him I wasn't going on the tour. I told him it was his dream, not mine. My dream is to London Uni and I finally got accepted."

"And?" Liam said looking confused.

"He said he wasn't dealing with this right now and he just said bye and left."

"It's going to be fine, I will talk to him. He just really needs you right now Eleanor, you are his everything."

"I hope so." I replied flatly.

I got out of the car and ran upstairs without saying anything to the boys, I still had no idea where Niall was.

"White lips, pale face, breathing in the snowflakes," my phone rang.


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