Sunday 26th August

Party day!!!! it's not my actual birthday today it's Tuesday i set everthing up, filled the party bags up with a keyring and bookmark in each bag. When all the guests arrive we had to do a hunt around the house!!! i didn't do it because i knew quite a lot of the places the items where hidden. There were prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 1.Hunger Games Mocking jay pin. 2.Hunger Games badge. 3.One Direction Keyring. The winner was Amy my cousin. After that we had lunch we sat on a blanket outside in my garden. Then we had my Hunger Games cake! the flames went out so we did it again! i was sitting on the trampoline, i was almost about to drop the cake but luckily i didn't!

                                              Monday 27th August

Today i woke up and started writing the things i wanted for my birthday but the thing on the top of the list was Niall!!!!!!!! Also we were going on a holiday today on a cruise! ! i was happy because i heard One Direction where performing today and i had tickets for it! when we got onto the cruise it was time for the concert! i went in on the front row and wrote I love you Niall love Katy.. Horan! I sorta like changed my sirname to it. I begged my mum for Months and it happened! after i had stuck the note to a bottle i chucked it at Niall he put it behind him. After the concert i could go backstage! i saw him opening it and then he said to Harry i think i might love this katy and she put her sirname as myn!!! she must be my biggest fan!

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