Chapter Four: Meet Big Time Rush

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I was still really upset about them not telling me that they were in a boyband. I had a great plan though. I was going to Put everything Big Time Rush in the lobby. So they could see my fake reaction when I found out who they were. Haha, they are so going to regret not telling me.


We stepped onto the elevator after leacing Madison's little suite and I turned to the guys.

Kendall: hey guys, I am saying lets not tell Madison we are a international boy band. How does that sound?

Carlos: You're going to have to tell her sooner or later.

Kendall: I pick later. Besides I want to make sure she -

Logan: She what? Does someone have alittle crush?

Kendall: No i just don't want her to give away our location.

James: Suree......

Carlos: Well we are going to hang out with her againt tomorrow right? She is really funny.

Kendall: Sure just don't tell her who we are 

We got off the elevator and Gustavo was standing in the lobby. He looked mad, then again didnt he always look mad. Oh well. Let's get this over with.


Kendall texted me he was heading to my room ina minute, then we were all going to see a movie later. I texted Tony and asked him if everything was in place. This was going to be good. I heard a knock on my door and I opened the door and Kendall and his friends were standing rhere smiling.

Kendall: You ready to go?

Madison: Yeah, lets go!!

We got into the elevator and one of their songs "Boyfriend" started playing. phase 1 of my plan was complete.

Madison: Who wings this song? They are good!

Logan: I think its some rando people you have never met

Lucky for them the elevator door opened just in time and they hurried me out. As soon as they stepped into the lobby their eyes got wide. Pahe Two of my plan was to have Tony but Big Time Rush cutouts adnd information about their signing today.

Madison: Hey those guys kind of look like you guys!

Kendall: Let's go out the back way, I heard there was some cool stuff to see in the back

Carlos: Yeah let's go.

They turned around and they were met by hundreds on screaming girls. They were caught. They ran down the back stair well to get away from fans and dragged me with them. We were in the stairwell and they all looked at me with eyes wide open.

Kendall: So I guess our secret is out huh?

Madison: Yeah! How come you guys didn't tell me you were a international pop band?

Logan: We didn't want you to treat us differently. We want people to treat us normal.

Madison: I am not going to treat you any different that I would if you guys were regular people. I really don't care if you guys are famous or not, you guys are still my friends.

Carlos: In that case LETS GO GET SOME FOOD!!!!

We all went out and decided on getting McDonalds, per Carlos. And we all had a great time. But sadly it was time for them to leave the next for their tour. We got to my hotel room and it was time to say goodbye to the guys. 

Kendall: Well I guess this is goodbye.

Madison: Yeah I guess this is goodbye. We can still text and stuff right?

Logan: That won't be necessary.

Madison: Oh...... Ohkay I guess -

All 4 boys: Because you are coming with us!!!

Madison: What?

James: Well we had an extrabed and we get to bring one person on our tour with us, like a friend or something and you are our friend, so why not come on tour with us?

Madison: I would love to go!!!

Carlos: Then it is settled!! We are leaving in the morning for the tour. You might wanna pack.

Kendall: We will help you, don't worry. 

Madison: Wow, I am really going on tour with you guys. WOOHOO!!


Madison: What?

Logan: One of our songs, those are the words.

Madison: Oh, awesome.

Kendall: But before we leave you have to meet Gustavo and Kelly, our managers.

Madison: Are they scary.

James: As long as you do nothing wrong they will be fine. 

Madison: I can't belive I get to go on tour with yall. WOOHOO!! 

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