"It's so pretty out here" Angel smiled. "Today is a great day for a picnic" Liam walked onto the porch. "Really guys?" Ashlee asked. "Yeah its about time to leave. Be our last treat for you" Asher nodded. "A picnic in the park?" Nora asked. "Yes and another surprise" Jeremy smiled. "Man I hate surprises" Kayla pouted. "Let's go" Harry laughed.

*at the park*

"This is the perfect spot" I smiled. "Let's set out the blankets" Justin got out the blankets. "What do we have for lunch?" Danielle asked. "Liam made turkey sandwiches. We have brownies and chips" Monti said. "This all looks amazing" Alexandria looked at everything. "The sandwiches really look great" Michelle smiled. "Well let's eat then" Niall fussed. "Really Niall?" Ashley laughed. He blushed. "Let hungry thing get his first" Wesley shook his head.

*after we eat*

"What is the bread crumbs for?" Leisa asked. "It's part of the surprise" AG smiled. "What are we gonna do?" Raney smiled. "We thought maybe feed the ducks" Travis said. "Aw ducks" Ashlee smiled. "You wanna go feed them now?" Thomas asked. "Yes" we said in unison.

*at the pond*

"Look at the ducks!" I smiled. "Here take some crumbs" Harry said. "Come on let's go feed them" Ashley ran with the bag. "Those girls are gonna be a handful" Jeremy laughed. "I think you're right dude" Justin looked at us.

"Enjoy feeding the ducks?" Monti laughed. "It's so fun" Leisa smiled. "The ducklings are so adorable!" Liam bent down. "That one loves Kayla" Alex giggled. Kayla moved and the duckling followed. "Aw how cute" Niall smiled. "Y'all ready to leave now?" Travis asked. "I think a storm is coming" Danielle looked up.

*at the trucks*

"Kayla, you have a follower" Michelle smiled. "Aw the little baby" Kayla smiled down. "You take it back, we'll wait" Asher said. "Come on baby duckie" she smiled. "That's adorable" Wesley smiled. She comes back. AG kissed her softly. "I love you" he smiled. "Love you AG" she smiled.


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