Don't look back

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Chapter one - Don't stop running!

"Sure your not coming to the party, Ellie?" Maya said for about, oh yeah, the 100th time today. "Yup Maya you know me I need my beauty sleep." We both giggled. "Well okay, see ya!" Maya replied as she walk away into the darkness. I watched until she went out of sight and turned and started walking in the other direction.

My house was only a few streets away, so the deep darkness shouldn't be so bad. I was wrong!

Then came my biggest mistake, choosing the shortcut through the woods.

I trudged through the newly fallen leaves watching the puffs of steamed up breath float away into the darkness. I stopped for a minute, catching my breath when I heard chuckles around me, I turned to only see the leaves in the wind switching places, some dark some light.

Before I could take another step something grabbed me from behind me, before I could move my whole sight went dark!


Should I carry on? Thanks for reading! I will update as soon as I get two votes or comments telling me to. Love you all!

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