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"Oh my god!" He yelled. "Should I call an ambulance? What do I do?"

"Calm down," I told him. "Get me a car to take me to a hospital and get Zayn."

"They're in the midst of a concert! I can't just run and grab him," he said, his voice stressed.

A contraction wracked through my body and I cried out from the pain. "PAUL, GET HIM RIGHT NOW!"

"Right! Got it!" He was speaking rapid fire through his headset before he jogged on stage, lingering in the corner.

"Erm, everyone give it up for our tour manager Paul!" Harry said into his mic.

Paul waved to the crowd before motioning Zayn over to him. The two of them talked for about half a second before Zayn sprinted over to me. "Oh my god! Oh my god! Let's go, let's go!" He yelled frantically.

"Go tell the boys what's going on," I told him after he lifted me to my feet.

"They'll be fine," he said, his arms not leaving my body.

"You have a solo in the next song! Go tell them this instant!" I roared.

One look at my face and he was jogging back on stage. He whispered something to Liam, who glanced back at me with wide eyes before nodding. "Done! Now can we please get you to a hospital?" His tone was panicked, and he threw my arm around his shoulder, accompanying me out the door towards the van Paul had waiting. As we climbed into the backseat I noticed that he was hyper-ventilating

"You have got to calm down! I can't do this if you're freaking out!" I said loudly.

Zayn nodded and while he managed to slow his breathing, his thumb was still rubbing my shoulder anxiously. "This is really happening."

I smiled and nodded. "It's really- FUCK!" I screamed as another contraction tore through my body.

"Chris, can you please step on it?" He addressed the driver, who immediately accelerated. "You're doing fine love. Almost there."

His voice was soothing, but I drew no comfort from it. "It hurts, Zayn."

"I know, love. We're almost to the hospital I promise."

A moment later we had arrived at the hospital and he was letting go of me to run inside and inform someone of what was happening. "Don't leave me," I whimpered. Even in my current state, I hated the whiney tone of my voice. "Sorry, go ahead," I said after a moment.

Zayn shook his head. "I'll stay with you. Chris can you go get us a wheelchair?"

The security guard nodded and jogged inside, returning a moment later with a nurse and wheelchair.

"All right, Ms. Carlisle," the nurse said. "Let's get you in this chair. We've got a doctor waiting inside. I understand that you're having twins?"

Zayn nodded and helped me into the chair. He held my hand as the nurse pushed me into a delivery room. "Easy now, sweetheart," Zayn murmured as he helped me ease into the bed.

As we waited for the doctor to come in, Zayn filled out some paperwork and I called Hannah and Sophie to tell them that I was in the hospital. They assured me that they would be here first thing in the morning and wished me luck.

"Hello Ms. Carlisle." A woman in pink scrubs strode confident into the room. "I'm Dr. Evans, I'm the OB on call tonight. I hear we're having twins. Congratulations!"

"Thanks," I replied. My stomach still felt like it weighed a thousand pounds, but it had been several minutes since my last contraction. "This is my fiancé Zayn."

Her eyes flickered with recognition, but she didn't say anything as they shook hands. "How many contractions have you had?"

"Three. They've been about ten minutes apart," I replied. "I know that I typically wouldn't come to hospital so early, but my water broke so we came right away."

Dr. Evans nodded and smiled reassuringly. "You did the right thing. We typically recommend coming in early with twins anyway since things tend to progress faster. I want to give you a quick ultra sound to check that everything looks good."

"Ok." I quickly changed into a hospital gown, insisting that Zayn turn around while I did so.

"I've seen it all before," he chuckled. "I am the one who got you pregnant."

"True, but I feel disgusting right now. And you still have your concert hair and clothes on so you look fantastic," I replied.

"You always look fantastic," he assured me when I told him I was covered up. He took my hand in his as Dr. Evans pressed the device onto my skin.

"Did you know one of your babies is in a breech position?" She asked, pointing to the screen.

Zayn shook his head. "She had a doctor's appointment last week and they said everything looked good."

"They can move around at any time," she explained.

"What does this mean?" I asked.

"It says on your chart that you had planned on a natural birth. You can still try that if you want, but the risk of complications is much higher. I can't guarantee that we'll be abled to rotate the baby as needed and you may need a c- section anyway. I'd recommend just doing it to begin with as a precaution."

I squeezed Zayn's hand as she spoke. "What do you think, babe? What should we do?"

"If the doctor thinks it's safer for you to deliver via c-section then I think we should listen to her," he replied, running a hand through my hair.

I nodded at the doctor who left to book an operating room. "I'm scared," I whispered. I felt another contraction and my face contorted with pain.

"I'll be right there with you the whole time," he promised, kissing my forehead.

Being inside the operating room was a surreal experience. They gave me a local anesthetic so I couldn't feel anything from below my chest. Zayn was given some scrubs and a mask, and as promised he held my hand the whole time.

"Congratulations! You have a healthy baby boy," Dr. Evans said as she pulled the first baby out.

I felt tears in my eyes as she showed him to me. He was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. "Oh my god," I breathed.

"Dad, do you want to cut the cord?" She asked Zayn.

I saw the tears in his eyes spilling over as he nodded. They handed him some medical scissors and he snipped the cord before they whisked our baby away to clean him off.

In what seemed like no time at all they work back to work on my belly, and they pulled the other baby out. "It's a girl!" Dr. Evans smiled.

The two of us were crying in earnest as Zayn cut that cord too. "I love you so much," he told me.

I was vaguely aware of the doctors stitching me up, but I only had eyes for Zayn right now. "I love you too."

I was eventually brought back to another room where I could rest, but all I wanted was to hold my children. "Can we see them?" I asked, Dr. Evans.

"Of course. I'll have a nurse bring them in. You did great, Gemma." She smiled before leaving the room.

A moment later two nurses came in with our babies. "They're absolutely perfect," one of them told me.

I held my arms out and they nestled one in each. As I felt them enter my embrace I started crying all over again. "I'm so happy to finally meet you," I told them.

Zayn took our son and began murmuring softly to him. When I presented her with my han our daughter latched on to my finger. I couldn't believe how tiny her hand was next to mine. "You're absolutely beautiful," I cooed.

"We make good looking kids," Zayn told me. "We should name them."

I nodded. We had talked about dozens of combinations of names, but there were only two of each that we both loved. Telling them to the nurse, we reluctantly handed the babies back so I could get some sleep.

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