The First Time I Saw Him ( 1D Fan Fiction)

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hi im kristy &' this is my love story hope you like it :)

The First Time I Saw Him ( 1D Fan Fiction)

• Kristal's P.O.V ~

I was upstairs in my room wen my big brother Zayn called me down. I walk down stairs to see my 3 Other brother and of course my crush Harry. " hey boys " I said smiling

"hey love " louis said in a funny voice

I look to me right to see Harry checking me out. I winked at him &' he smiled.

" so why u called me down here ? " I said raising an eyebrow

"oh me &' Liam &' Naill are going out so Louis &' Harry are going to watch you " Zayn said smiling

" I'm having a babysitter ? I'm 17 I dnt need a babysitter ! " I said in an angry voice

" Well to me u do so see u later little sister " zayn said leaving with naill &' liam

I look at my best friend louis he's the one I tell all my secrets to so he know I like harry. he gave me a glare then looked at harry

" so let's play truth or dare " louis said smiling

" sure let's play " harry said winking at me

we go to the sitting room &' sit on the floor &' of course louis went first as I waited he finally said

" harry truth or dare " louis said smirking

" dare " harry said smiling

" I dare u to kiss kristal on the lips without hesitating " louis said

" okay I dnt got a problem with that " harry said winking back at me as he leaned in to kiss me. I was kinda scared at the same time happy. our lips touched and became a very passionate kiss. it kept going so we started making out. he was such a good kisser but I knew something wasn't right so later that day he had ask me out &' I said yes. I was supper happy but wat if Zayn found out he wouldn't let me see harry any more.


• Harry's P.O.V ~

I knew she was the one for me when I first meet her. she is not like Other girls she is kind hearted &' very Beautiful. I loved her for her &' no one can change that. when her sweet red rose lips touched mine I felt sparkles. we went to her room afterwards &' stayed in the the whole time kissing &' talking. she told me all her secerts like if she really trusted me &' I told her all of my secerts to. Kristal is the kind of girl that listen's to ur problems . I love her &' I know she loves me &' I'm sure we are going to be Together forever.


Zayn walked in and saw louis sleeping in the sitting room. he heard laughter &' ran upstairs. he opened the door while Kristal &' harry were kissing

" KRISTAL ! " Zayn said in a very angry way

" ZAYN " Kristal said in a scared voice

zayn was very angry knowing that is own little sister was kissing his best friend

" HARRY LEAVE NOW &' I DNT WANT U NEAR MY SISTER " zayn said harshly

" you can't do that to me zayn " kristal said almost in tears

" yes I can kristal " said zayn

harry left upset &' Stared at kristal while she was crying he slid a piece of paper under her pillow before leaving. everyone went down stairs &' kristal locked herself in her room not coming out she was in tears

Kristal's P.O.V ~

I cnt believe zayn doesn't want me seeing him anymore well that's not gonna happen cuz we have to go to Spain in 3 days so ill get to see him. I sat on my bed &' throw my pillow at the door. I saw a piece of paper &' I picked it up and read it. it had harrys number on it &' said

" Txt me wen ever u want babe I LOVE YOU "

that put a very big smile on my face I grabbed my phone &' txtes him

to : Harry;)

hey babe - Kristal Xx

to : Kristal:)

hi babe I miss you -Harry Xx

I stayed up all night txting harry.

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