Chapter 7- The boy who cried Piper

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Chapter 7- The boy that cried Piper

"... So Beauty Queen, Truth or Dare?" said Leo smirking evilly and tapping his fingers together. Piper thought for a moment.

"Dare. Do your worst." She said starring down Leo. He leaned in and whispered into her ear, her eyes got wide as saucers. Leo leaned back and said.

"I Dare you to go and yell into the Ares cabin. 'Ares is a big stupid smelly boar that needs to shower more! Ditto for his kids!'" Piper couldn't believe what she had to do "And I'll come with you to make sure you do it!" Nico snicker as they stood up.

"If she really does it won't we be able to tell with the broken limbs and blood?" The group laughed but Jason glared at Nico which made Piper blush.

"Let's get it over with." She muttered as she walked out of the cabin with Leo. Leo laughed as they headed to the Ares cabin. Piper huft and lied on the ground. "This good enough?" she asked. Leo finger camerad her.

"Naw, it doesn't. here." He threw her a pack of fake blood. She grunted and spread the blood on her brow and lay there like she was unconscious.

Leos POV

Leo smiled at the fake unconscious Piper lying outside the Ares cabin he turned and raced towards the cabin looking like he was super worried. He burst through the cabin door panting.

"J-Jason! The Dare went- went horribly wrong! Piper- she's- she's not breathin- she-" Jason zipped past Leo and through the door. Leo followed trying to keep a strait and solem face. Jason ran up, kneeled beside Piper and picked her up in his arms. Leo had to admit, she was doing a bang up job pretending to be unconscious.

"Piper?" said Jason putting her chest to his ear. Piper stretched an arm out and touched Jasons face. Leo almost cracked up but he slowly took the camera out of his jacket where he'd been hiding it and took a photo of the scene that could have been taken strait from a soap opera.

"Jason?" Piper said in a week voice lining his face with her fingers. Her lip quivered. Leo tried not to laugh. Jason brought her close and kissed her.

Leos jaw hit the floor; he hadn't seen that coming. He held the camera back to his eye and clicked with his mouth still wide open.

Pipers POV

Jason put Piper down so she was resting on her elbows.

"Are you alright?" Pipers mouth stayed open, she couldn't tell whether to kill Leo or hug him for such an amazing Dare.

"Y- Ya, urrr." Was all that came out. Jason probably thought she had a concussion or something. She noticed Leo standing behind Jason his mouth wide open and holding the strange bronze camera with limp arms. Leo smiled seeing her looking at her and bust out laughing. Jason whorled seeing Leo doubling over from laughing so much.

"Leo, go get some Apollo kid. Piper needs help." Jason said. Leo laughed.

"Ya, thearapy maybe- she and- dare- ohhh!" he howled. Jason looked back at Piper.

"What?" Jason was blushing deeply.

"Well, my real dare was to pretend to be hurt, and Leo would go, uh, get you." She stammered whipping the fake blood from her head.

Jason stood up and hauled her along with him. Leo tucked the camera into his jacket pocket and they headed to Percys cabin. Piper could tell she was blushing, and if the colour of his ears meant anything, so was Jason. Leo was way upfront looking at what Piper suspected to be photos he had taken, she decided she was going to kill him.

When they got back to the cabin everyone was whispering. They looked up.

"Piper, you okay?" asked Annabeth. Piper sat down.

"ya." She said. Leo laughed and waved the pictures in the air.

"Okay, okay. Confession time, Piper didn't actually do that, my dare was well, she pretended to be hurt and I got Jason and here." He past the pictures to Nico who was sitting on a bed. He laughed so hard he fell off the back of the bed. He past the photos around the circle. When Leo got them back he stuffed them in his pocket.

"So, umm... Piper, who's next?" asked Percy. Piper had been so focused on revenge on Leo she had completely forgotten it was her turn to chose. It took her a moment to remind herself of who hadn't gone. (Piper- Ya, Leo should have done that. Me- Oh, be quiet Piper, it's my story.)

"Thalia, Truth or Dare?..."

Jason- Evil- check, Idiot- check, Soap character- check, what's next will I die!

Me- Naw, I'm not that mean.

Piper- ...

Me- what?

Piper- . . .

Me- Oh.

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