Jay's POV:

So, mom hadn't told him about what happened after the shooting...

Sure i saw Lou two years after it, but i don't think he or his mother understood what truly happened that day.

And i sure as hell wasn't going to be the one to tell them. Not now.

"You sure its nothing?" Lou asked once more. Why cant he give up?

"I'm sure alright..." I said as i looked him in the eyes. I knew he was searching for something...anything to give a hint. I was the one who taught him how to read somebody by their eyes anyways.

There's just one problem. He cant read me. Nobody can.

Louis will always claim that he knows me the best. That he can always read me. But he cant.

Not even the boys or my bestfriend Emily could, they had even admitted it.

Like i said, i do not let my emotions show very often.

I learned the hard way not to do so...

"Well um...what now?" Louis asked as he crawled off of me and sat down on the other side of the couch. Thank god he did so. That was very awkward....he almost kissed me..KISSED ME. Bestfriends don't do that! Especially not after four years.

I yawned once more. I really was in need of sleep.

"I don't know about you, but I'm going to take my well deserved nap. Nighty night Lou." I said as i layed down and snuggled into the couch. It wasn't that comfortable, plus i didn't have a pillow which mad it even worse.

I could feel Louis looking at me...then he moved his hand to my back and started rubbing it softly.

"Goodnight Jay..Sweet dreams.." he leaned and whispered into my ear.

I couldn't help but smile at the thought of him telling me goodnight...wait whoa wait. Why did i feel fuzzy inside when he told me that? It didn't mean anything....did it?

My mind began to argue with itself once more causing me to fall into a deep sleep.

*2 hours later*

"Well it looks like you two got some rest!" Sarah said as she and the rest of the boys walked in.

I slowly started to open my eyes. It didn't seem like a got much of a nap. A nap to me is like 4 or 5 hours.

I started to get up, only to realize i was clutched tightly to someones chest. Louis' chest.

His arms were wrapped tightly around my waist. And he snuggled more into my neck as i started to tense up.

What. the. frick.

How did i end up in his arms?!

He was on the opposite side when i fell asleep!

"Uh, Louis...please let go.." I said as i tried to get out of his grip, which only tightened as i squirmed.

"Nnnnooo.....go back to sleep babe..." He said as he literally squeezed the life out of me pulling me closer to his chest.

"Ooof. Louis please...choking....not.....breathing!" I squealed as his grip started to cut off my breathing.

He started to let go but only enough to wear i could breathe again.

"There. Now go back to sleep. I'm tired."

"At least let me sit up. We got company."

He shot his eyes open after that and looked blankly at everybody else in the room. They had amused faces on them. Quite funny actually.

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