Overlords - Part Two - Jealousy

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At the castle of the Were people everyone was gathered to see their new queen. Ever had a smile on and was encircled By her husband’s arms. Jealousy wished the happy couple good luck and left the ballroom to find Vladimir. She still couldn’t believe that Airwain was only banished from the mystic plains, he would be back. Jealousy knew that Airwain wouldn’t give up so easily, especially when there were no magical guards against his return. she pushed these thoughts out of her mind, her protection would be guaranteed by Vladimir. The garden was empty but for a figure in black, Vladimir.

"When did you want to leave, Vladimir?" He stiffened and turned slowly. Jealousy raised her eyebrow in question, he smiled in recognition of her question but his eyes were dull in the sunlight. She rushed over to him just as he began to collapse. Holding him up with both of her arms she dragged him over to a bench. He weakly grabbed her in a hug, confusedly she hugged him back. The scent of Fall and leaves surrounding her, Vladimir’s scent. His fangs cut into her neck and there was a second of pain before she felt him sucking her blood. It lasted for around a minute and then he yanked away from her forcefully, he spit out what was in his mouth while cursing.

"Shape shifter blood, tastes gross but works when there is nothing else to have. Thank you Jealousy. As for leaving, you should be able to leave whenever you want to. Now that Airwain is gone you should have no problem with protection," Jealousy glared at Vladimir and slapped him across his face. He glared back, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Stupid vampire! He is only gone because Lumnas has sent him away, there are no wards against his return. He will come back and we will have to be ready, I believe that he will come back to take revenge on me first. I need your help to keep him away," Jealousy hoped that she didn’t sound too desperate. In truth she was desperate, but only because she knew that she couldn’t stand up to Airwain. Vladimir narrowed his eyes and sat thinking on the bench.

"Well if you want me to come protect you, slapping me is a weird way of showing it. I believe we can leave when I find a human to feed on, your nasty shifter blood won’t sustain me for long," Jealousy glared again but nodded. Vladimir blurred and disappeared as Jealousy turned and went back inside. leaning against the wall she sighed, closing her eyes.

"Was he being difficult again? I have found that Vlad usually is. Best thing to do is ignore his obstinance, you’re looking a little pale, Jealousy. Are you alright?" Shaking her head faintly she slid down the wall and Ever frantically searched for an illness. Ever found the bite marks on Jealousy’s neck and placed her hand over them. When the two wounds were healed she called to her husband, he picked up Jealousy and carried her to a chair to recover.

When she woke up and looked around she realized that she had passed out, standing she felt for where Vladimir had bit her. The marks were gone and she guessed that Ever had healed them when she found them. Wearily she started walking to the main rooms of the castle. She was guessing that Vladimir was somewhere around there and waiting impatiently. Turning the corner she gasped and stepped back fast, he was right in front of her. Nodding quickly, she turned and headed to the door. She expected him to follow her, but he stood there just staring at her.

"Coming Vladimir? I need to get home right away, without me there things will crumble into chaos," he chuckled and shook his head in wonder. Walking slowly towards her, he stared into her eyes.

"Does it bother you at all that I could have killed you back in the garden? are you so nonchalant about your own death?" Stiffening, Jealousy clenched her jaw in annoyance.

"Does it bother you that I can vaporize your body in a matter of seconds? I am an Overlord, just as you are. Though you have no people to rule, and I care not about my death. Besides that fact, you promised to help protect me, now didn’t you?" he smiled as he stopped in front of her.

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