Chapter Four

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For the past three days I'v never spoken to Alison, and neither has she. She never even looked at me. Well, honestly, I'v been staring at her for every second I get, I don't really know why. I'v even noticed that Alison looks much more beautiful than she was two years back. 

I was really worried about tomorrow. The day the guys were gonna visit us. I was just hoping that Alison would keep her mouth shut, but knowing how much she hates me, she'd probably....definatly tell the guys. 

*******THE NEXT DAY*******

The problem was still haunting me. The guys were gonna be here tonight, and I had to talk to Alison to sort this out.

I heard a door open from outside. That must me Alison. I thought. I ran to open the door to see Alison before she leaves. Fortunatly, she was locking the door. 

So I said, "Hey. Alison."

"James. Hi....again." she said without even a slight smile. 

"We need to"

"Alright. But make it fast. I have to go to work." She said folding her arms. 

"Are you still mad at me?" I asked.

"After what you did to me two years ago? Pretty much, yeah."

"If I apologize, will you forgive me?" 

"If you're asking in such a way, no!!"

"Come on. We broke up two years ago!!"

"We didn't break up. You dumped me!! And why are you suddenly apologizing to me?" She asked with a slightly higher voice.

" that..everything's cool between that we friends again?" 

"........I'm getting late." She said looking at her watch and walked away.

"And one more thing." She said before entering the lift. "Don't ever expect me to forgive you, no matter what you try to do."

I stood there in the corridoor, mixed with emotions, I'm gone..

*********HOURS LATER********

Oh man!! The guys are gonna be here any minute now. What if they bump into Alison on the way? What if Alison tells them about how we really broke up? What if..

A knock inturrupted my thoughts. Shit!! It must be them. I thought to myself. worries. She isn't here. They'r not gonna find out. Just, stay cool.

I walked up to the living room and opened the door.


Not much, i know. But it will lead to something interesting after awhile.

Please tell me how the story is. It motivates me to continue. Xx

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