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I had a secret. A HUGE secret. Of course, I was nervous to tell the world. It  

was a life changing secret. I didn't know how to tell Zayn. Would he be mad a  

me? Would he be happy? Would he just not care? I don't know, and I won't know,  

until I tell him.

"Babe," I heard in my ear as a pair of arms wrapped around my waist, "do you  

want to wear our His &amp; Her shirts today?" I spun around to see Zayn smiling back  

at me. He knew those shirts always cheered me up. He could also tell that, for  

the last few days, something was up with me. He knew I was hiding something.

"Wait, aren't we going in public today? There will be paparazzi everywhere," I  

replied. We hadn't come out to the public as a couple, which made this little  

secret even harder to tell him. "That's what I wanted to tell you," he began,  

kissing my forehead, "I don't want to hide us any more, I want to come out as a  

couple." I stared back in shock. He was always worried about me getting hate  

like Dani and El STILL get. "This last year, I've watched you and seen how  

you've become such a strong person, I think you can handle it, and I want to  

show you off to everyone, make all the guys jealous," he glanced at me with this  

gorgeous brown eyes. I had no words, this is what I've always wanted. To show  

Zayn off to the whole universe, that he was mine. My excitedness over took me. I  

threw myself at him, kissing him all the way to our couch.

I pushed him down and ripped my shirt off. I went back to kissing him some more.  

"Whats gotten into you?" Zayn asked with a wink. I didn't reply, I just went  

back to exploring the inside of his mouth with my tongue. He moved his hands  

from my waist, I was straddling him, to my bra. He had no struggle undoing the  

clasp. We did this a lot. I pulled him forward so I could take his red plaid  

overshirt off. Then I removed his t shirt. I felt my way up his abs as I kissed  

his neck. He let out a small moan, which meant he was enjoying himself. Zayn  

worked to undo the button of my shorts as I undid his. At the same time, our  

pants hit the floor. Zayn tossed me to the opposite end of the couch. Now he was  

on top of me, kissing his way towards my pussy. His growing dick poked out of  

his boxers. I watched that as he pulled my panties off with his teeth. "Zayn," I  

breathed as he continued to eat me out. Just as I was about to finish, he kissed  

his way back up to my neck and it was my turn. We both sat up and I drug my  

hands down to his cock. It throbbed in my hands, I lightly shoved him back and  

took him into my mouth. I sucked him until I felt the usually three pulses of  

his dick. This meant he was about to cum. I stopped and sat on top of him,  

taking the pain of his large dick inside me. I bounced up and down, screaming  

his name which got him off quicker. Before I knew it, my ending was dripping  

down his dick just as his cum filled me.

Minutes later, as I was putting on my clothes, Zayn disappeared. "Zaynnnnn," I  

called out, roaming our apartment. I found myself in our bedroom. Zayn stood in  

the center. Candles surrounded him and the words 'I love you' were spelled out  

on the wall in chalk. Yes, we'd painted our bedroom with chalkboard paint so we  

could write all over it. Before, it'd been filled with Zayn's art, but now, all  

that was gone. The only things written were 'I love you'. "Zayn, what is all  

this?" I questioned, smiling. The secret still weighing heavily on my mind.  

"This last year has shown to me what true love is, so, I wanted to ask," he got  

on one knee, "will you marry me?" My jaw dropped. "Yes, yes, yes," I squealed,  

jumping into his arms. Then I remembered. "Zayn," I said, my happy expression  

falling, " I need to tell you something before you give me that ring." He looked  

nervous, "What is it love?" I swallowed hard. My secret was about to come out.

One Year Later: 

I sat in the car, the radio blaring the boys new song. "And that was One  

Direction's new hit 'Stand Up'" the radio host said, "and in other news,  

yesterday, the groups own Zayn Malik wed his girlfriend of two years just after  

the two had welcomed their first child, a son named Liam." "Hear that babe, our  

wedding was on the radio," Zayn looked at me and smiled. He was driving us to  

the airport. We were heading on our honeymoon in the Bahamas. Our son was back  

at home with mine and Zayn's mum. "Aren't you glad I didn't keep our son a  

secret for long?" I smirked, that was the big secret, I had been pregnant. Zayn,  

of course, took it extremely well. Now look at us, we were on our way to the  

rest of our lives.


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