Running to You

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I was running. No I was sprinting. Hell I was ready to break down a door to get to Matt. I had said it plenty of times before, but to think that here, running through the New York airport I was finally realizing what he meant to me. Now I know, I can't lose him. I pushed past people who glared at me for running but I didn't care. I needed him and I can't just let him go like that. My Aunt continued to call me, she was probably wondering where the hell I was and why I wasn't answering my phone. Well I can't do it. I can't live with out Matthew Star. Because for once, I truly know I'm deeply in love with him and I'm not going to just let him go like that.

I called a taxi and got in the car. I gave him directions to the train station and got on the first train to New Jersey. The whole way on the train I fidgeted, trying to figure out what to say and do. I mean yes I love Matt but he was so mad at me yesterday. Am I doing the right thing? Was all of this for nothing? I shook any thoughts from my head and when the train got to my stop I ran down the steps and looked around. Damn it I didn't think this one through. Just as I was whipping out my phone I heard a voice that sounded familiar.

"Well when is she coming? I need to pick her up soon. Delayed for two hours?" I heard him groan in annoyance and suddenly our eyes connected. "I'll call you back mom." He said as he hung up the phone and came over to me. "Olive?" he asked and I nodded.

"Ryan hey." I say and he suddenly smiles as he brings me into his arms.

"I missed you and you've only been gone for 7 hours. I was here picking up my sister but she's going to be later than expected. Why are you here?" He asks.

"I need to find Matt. I need to tell him I love him. I don't think I'm ready to let him go." I say and he nods in understanding.

"Need a ride? Otherwise I'll just be sitting here for two hours doing nothing." He says and I nod eagerly as I climb into his tan wrangler that sounded like it was ready to break down at any moment. But I didn't care. All I needed was to see familiar green eyes. Ryan must've sensed my unease because he was speeding to Matt's apartment. It was around 8:30 at night and he must be off from work now. I hopped out of the car and ran right past the doorman and to the elevators and took it the pent house floor. I got out and found room PH8. I knocked on the door repeatedly but there was no answer. I remembered where Matt hid the key and unlocked the door. I ran into the apartment and realized there was no one in there. I went downstairs and took out my phone. I got into Ryan's car and called Al.

"Hello?" He answers the phone.

"Al! Where is Matt? I came back to New Jersey looking for him!" I say.

"Oh god I don't know. He said last night he had something to do and I haven't heard or seen him since. I can try calling him?" He offers and I agree. I wait patiently while Al quickly calls Matt. The other line crackles to life and Al is back on the phone. "No answer. Sorry Olive." He says and I let out a sigh. I feel tears gathering in my eyes but I keep them shut and try to push them back.

"That's okay. Nice talking to you Al." I say but my throat feels dry and my voice is scratchy. Ryan looked worriedly at me as we drive back to the train station to get his sister. When we come to a stop, I get out and come over to Ryan. I envelope him in a hug and he gladly takes me into his arms. "Thank you so much Ryan. It means a lot." I can feel the tears blurring my vision and I try my best to blink them away but they end up just streaming down my face.

"I'm sorry he wasn't there Olive." Ryan says apologetically and I nod giving him one more hug before grabbing my bags and heading onto the train back to airport. When I got there I got on the first flight back to California. When I arrived at the airport I found my aunt snoozing in a chair. I woke her up. She continuously asked me why I got in so late. I ignored all of her questions and just followed her to the car so I could get home. When we arrived at a giant house on a hill that overlooked most of San Francisco. To say that I didn't like it would be a lie. But it would also be a lie to say that my heart was aching to see Matt again. I walked to my room, not even getting a real good look at the place. I dropped my  bags and collapsed on my bed. I looked out my giant window at the lights of the city below and the sandy beaches beyond that. I felt tears spring to my eyes and I nuzzled myself into my pillows, hoping sleep would take me away from this harsh reality. I shut my eyes and pictured Matt smiling at me and all the moments we shared together. I pictured us laughing as we sat on the floor, root beer covering us. I squeezed my eyes shut and prayed that I could forget everything that had happened.

I woke up at 5am, peeling my eyes open. I sighed as I got out of bed and washed my face free of any dried tears and head downstairs. I gulp a little coffee down before grabbing my water bottle and ipod and headphones before I head out and decide to take the short jog to the beach. I sigh as I run along the nearly empty boardwalk. I stop after a while to get a drink of water. Someone suddenly gasps.

"Are you Olive Halls?" Some little boy asks and I frown but nod.

"Uh yeah." I say, unsure how he knows me.

"You're related to Lisa Halls right?" He asks and then it hits me, I nod and he holds out a pen and paper.

"Could I get your autograph?" He asks me and I nod weakly and then return the pad to him before saying a quick goodbye and taking off again. I sigh. What did I expect? To see the love of my life? What did I expect? To see Matthew Star himself standing with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates? No. Who am I kidding? But then I stop as I sign catches my eye. I almost trip over my own feet, before stopping all together. I stare out the sign, mouth wide open in shock. Two words could never have changed my life, especially when I peeked into the restaurant.

We're Open.

Now those words are interesting but the words above them stopped me short.

Pizza Star. Fucking Pizza Star.

CLIFF HANGER! So literally there is only one chapter after this one. After this I have two books I'm starting. There's: My Secret Is Safe With You? and the sequel to That's Just How It Goes which doesn't have a title yet lol. Okay well enjoy! Bye now! Oh and the U2 song on the side Pride (In The Name of Love)  yeah um cool! so bye!

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