Chapter One - Introduction

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I sat at dining room table, watching as my older brother, cooking away in the kitchen, even through I could cook, Nick had always been better at it and sat at the table with me was my younger sister. As a Teacher's Assistant at the local college, I tended to work unusual hours, brother being a police officer at the local station, worked long hours and our younger sister went to the local school during the day, so it was just nice to be able to sit down with my siblings and have a meal together.

"Can we watch TV after tea?" asked Tasha, who was currently wearing her favourite faded black jeans and yellow t-shirt with a Pikachu on it.

"And we know exactly what you want to watch" joked Nick from the kitchen, who was wearing his favourite blue jeans and blue t-shirt

I laughed and nodded at his statement, I was wearing my favorite black knee length sundress with red ribbon around the waist, I suddenly felt a little dizzy but I just shook it off to tiredness.

"Are you alright, Serena?" Nick asked concern on his face

"I'm fine, Nick" I said and he nodded and went back to cooking tea

By the way, you should have realised it by now, but I'll just confirm it anyway, I'm Serena, my name full is Serenity but I prefer Serena, I'm twenty years old and I live with my siblings, Phoenix and Natasha. Nick finally came over with the tea and after an hour of talking and eating, Tasha went into the room and I cleared the table while Nick washed up.

"Thanks, Nick" I said

"No problem, Sis" he said so I went into the room with Tasha and as usual she had put on Pokémon.

"You've watched that too many times, Tasha" I joked

"But I love Pokémon" she said

"We know, sis" said Nick coming in from the kitchen.

We both laughed and sat down to watch it with her. After about an hour of Pokémon, it was getting boring, I decided to get a drink but as I went to stand that dizzy feeling came back.

"Now I know something is wrong, Serena" said Nick

"I'm fine, Nick, I'm probably just tired" I said and again he nodded

"Tasha, don't you want to watch something else" said Nick and when she shook her head, I sighed

"You should know by now, Nick, she'll never watch anything but Pokémon" I said and Nick sighed and nodded then I added as a joke "one day, she'll go to sleep and become a character in Pokémon"

"Really" said Tasha

Nick and I laughed and after another hour of Pokémon, we all went to bed but unknown to me I never realised that, that would be the last time I saw them.

I was stood in a cave 'wait, how did I end up in a cave' I thought, this must a dream.

"Serena, Serena" said a voice and turned to a see a large white dragon staring at me, 'Woah' I thought 'A white dragon'.

"Serena, Serena" said another voice, I turned again to see another dragon, only this one was black

"Serena, Serena" said a third voice, only this time it was a grey dragon

"What is going on?" I said

"You'll understand soon" they all said

Suddenly the ground started swirling around, I felt like I was falling, I felt something weird was happening to me, but I couldn't realise what, I went to scream but nothing came out.
~ END ~

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