~~~~~~~~~~ Scar's POV ~~~~~~~~~~                 

               When I woke up I felt warmer than usually. I looked down to see a pair of arms wrapped around me and I started to freak out... I screamed at the top of my lungs and started kicking whoever was holding me. I ended up falling on the floor from moving so much. I crawled as fast as I could to a corner expecting to fell a blow to my head or something but in stead I felt someone wrap there arms around me and hold me trying to comfort me. I started crying my eyes out and when I looked I saw a very worried looking Jayy, Dahvie, Andy, Jinxx, Jake, CC and Sally. Jayy was holding me like a baby while I cried into his chest and everyone else was above us looking worried as fuck. 'They really care about me?' I smiled at the thought and calmed down a little. By the time I calmed down everyone left except Jayy, Dahvie and Andy. "I think i'm OK now guys" "Are you sure?" asked a very worried Jayy. "Ya i'm fine just freaked out a little" I said shyly. "Why did you freak out?" "Cause I thought I was still with my dad and he was in my room holding me.... but it was just Jayy.... I didn't know what I was doing... I'm sorry for freaking you all out." I said looking down letting a tear fall down my face. Jayy lifted my face up and wiped my tears away than hugged me and kissed me on top of my head. I smiled at him and pulled them into a hug 'I don't deserve these guys.' "What makes you say that?" "huh?" "You said you don't deserve us. Why do you think that?" Andy said "Oh.... I said that out loud?" "Yup" they all said in unison "Oh..... It's just that you guys are so nice to me and I never get treate so nice and I don't deserve knowing you guys....." they were all silent for a while until Dahvie spoke up. "Well you do deserve us! your awesome and sweet and I don't know why anyone would be so mean to you or why!" "Thanks Dahvie" "No prob Cupcake!" "Cupcake?" I asked looking at him weird "Yup you remind me of a cupcake!!" he said with a smile. I rolle my eyes at him and said "Whatever floats your boat Rainbow!" Dahvie started fake pouting at me and me, Jayy and Andy laughed at his face while he pouted more. "Oh come here you big baby!!" I said as I grabbed Dahvie and hugged him "Hey!! I'm not a baby!!" "But you're my baby!!" I said as I kissed his head he smiled at me and I thought I saw Jayy and Andy glare at Dahvie the whole time. I just shrugged it off and got up. "I'm gonna go make some breakfast so if you want to stay or leave you can OK guys?" "OK" they all said in unison.

ok so it's a short chaper I know but at least I updated!!! I might not update in a while again cause I start school tomorrow... So I hoped you liked it tell me what you think and I will try to write more later and post as soon as I can!! I love you all!! ~Kennedy

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