11 years later

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It was eleven years later since Liza Riddle had been left by her Aunt at the Weasley's. There was now another girl in the family. She is called Ginny. Ginny is one of Liza's best friends. Her other best friends are Fred and George. They like to play pranks together.

On this perticular day Liza was very excited. They were going to Diagon Alley today to get her stuff for Hogwarts. As soon as Liza woke up she ran into Fred and George's room.

"Wake up! We're going to Diagon Alley today wake up!" She said as she jumped on each of there heads.

"Ok we're getting up!" Fred said tiredly.

Liza was the only one who could tell which one was Fred and which one was George. Liza rushed downsairs to see Mrs Weasley making breakfast.

"Good Moring Liza!" She said.

"Good Morning" Liza replied.

She sat down at the table when Fred and George came down. They sat down next to Liza and waited for their breakfast. Soon Ron and Ginny had come down. Liza and Ron would be starting there first year and Fred and George will be in their thrid, while Ginny had to wait another year before she could go to Hogwarts. Also Percy the thrid oldest Weasley would be starting his sixth year. Mrs Weasley severed breakfast for everyone apart for Mr Weasley, who had gone to work early. When they had finished breakfast they went and got dressed. Soon they were all in the front room ready to go to Diagon Alley. They were traveling by floo powder. Liza picked up some green dust and threw it in the fireplace. She stepped into the fireplace and said

"Diagon Alley."

Next moment she was gone.

In Diagon Alley Liza was waiting for the other Weasleys to come through. Soon Fred and George had come through. Once everyone was there they went to buy all of the things they needed. First they went to Gringotts. They all climbed into the cart and soon it was whizzing on the track. The first valut they went to was the Weasley's. Then they went to valut 557 Liza's valut. When they had got all the money they needed they went to Florish and Blotts to get their school books. Once they had gotten their books they went to get a cauldron for Liza and Ron. They also got some scales and a brass telescope. Mrs Weasley then took the to madam milkins to get some robes. In the shop there was a black haired girl.

"Hi!" She said.

"Hello." Liza replied.

"Are you going Hogwarts to?" The girl asked Liza.

"Yes." She answered.

"I hope I'm in Slytherin." She told her.

"Oh I want to be in Gryffindor!" Liza told the girl.

"Why? Slytherin is much better."

Liza wanted to lash out at her. From what she was told no one in Slytherin was a good person.

"Right, your done. It's your turn stand on here please." Madam Milkin said and motioned for Liza to stand on the stool.

When Liza and Ron were done they went to the owl shop to get Liza an owl. She picked a brown and white owl and she named it Iridessa. Then they went to Olivanders wand shop. Liza walked into the shop.and rang the bell on the desk. Soon Mr Olivander came out. He got out a tape measure and let it measure me. Then he picked a wand box and gave it to her. He told her to try it so she did but straight away he snatched it off of her. After about 15 wands she tryed one last one and it was the right one.

"That wand is Phionex feather core, the wood is Elm and it is 11 and 4 inches."

Liza payed Olivander 4 Galleons and 12 Sickles.

Back at the Burrow Liza was counting down the days until she went to Hogwarts. She couldn't wait.

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