mr.bush do you know where my vodka is?

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hey guys. decided to do another chapter i will try and make it longer, feel free to give me some feed back on how i could improve and all that shiz.

much lovee

I look at Nate laying in next to me in the bed. i quietly get out and grab my clothes. i write a note;

hey Nate,

sorry i left without saying goodbye, but their are places to see and places to be. I had a great time we should do it again.

best person you will eva meet,


i place the note on the fridge, and leave his house closing the door quietly. i look at my reflection of a car window and see 4 love bite on the side of my neck. fan-fucking-tastic this day has been the best day of my life, i need a fucking fag, scratch that i need a fucking drink. i start to walk down the pavement looking for the nearest shop. i find a little one on the corner with a man out side in his late 30s perfect. I flash my killer smile.

"hey, wanna do me a favour. ill make it worth your while?" i purr. " anything for a pretty girl like you" he puts hes hand on my shoulder and slower moves it down to my waist, i stop the urge to make a gagging sound. " you wanna go in their and get my a bottle of vodka, and then we can have some fun" i push my body against his, " give me a second" he slap my ass hard as he enters the shop. what a sucker he thinks im going to stay with him naa daa not happerning  a smirk at this thought.

He walks out of the shop with a bottle of vodka in his hand. " here you go baby." he wraps his arms around me then places his hard firmly on my ass, and places his and in the crook of my neck,

BAM! i slam my knee up right into his manhood. " thanks for the vodka" i take a swig and start walking going to where ever my legs will take me.

-half hour later-

"ccan you blow mee whistle babaaaay, whissstle baaby

let me know" i take another swing of vodka belting out the lryics.

"girl i’m gonna show you how to do it,and we start real slow

you just put your lips together,and you come real close" i giggle and trip and land on the floor as a car pull at the side of the road as the window rolls down i shout " no i wont blow your whislte" busting into a fit of giggle. take the last swig of vodka then smashing the glass onto the floor.

The car door opens and then 3 tall figures get out and make their way towards me. "violet, you are in deep shit" said a new voice. "aww hello brother see you come to join the party. have a drink!" i slurr standing up  looking for the bottle of vodka. i run up to a bush. " hey mr.bush wanna tell my why you have taken my vodka, my brother Billie wants to join the party soo- heyy put my down dickhead"  i scream as Billie throws my over his shoulder. Kicking with all my might trying to get down.

" violet stop kicking me you are already in enough trouble." he warned me. This just angered me more, he dont give a shit about me for 4 years then all of a sudden hes telling me off. " why doo yau caer nwl asswholee" i slurr.

I start to feel dizzy. " Billie mee sick" i cry out.He put me down fast as a throw up all over the pavement. i feel someone pull my long blonde hair back and rub my back soothingly. Thats the last thing a remember before passing out.

- Next Morning-

" guys is she awake yet?"

" no, maybe we should poke her?". Really they wanna poke me dumbass.

" guys shut the fuck up ive got a head ache." i groan facing the pillow, not planning on getting out of bed anytime soon. " Violet get your ass out of bed right now before i drag you out, we have a lot to talk about." Ben  warned me. " ill get out of bed when i want to,i will talk to you when i feel like it and right now i dont wanna do either."i mumble into the pillow.

" sorry Vi but you dont have a choice." i heard Alex say in a sad voice. If im going to listen to anyone it is going to be Alex." okay, okay ill get up but only for Alex.". I get out of bed and walk down the stairs and into the kitchen, and start to look though the cupboards. POPTARTS. i grin. and place them into the toaster. and make my way into the garden to have a fag.

i grab my lighter and spark up. slowly en haling  enjoying the feeling of the smoke filling my lungs. "Violet, put that out right this second i will not have you smoking in my house" Ben scolded me. " well Benny if you haven noticed this is the garden" taking the last drag  and throwing it to the ground.

" Violet dont you wal-wooh Violet who is Leon?" he shout's.  I look at him in shock as i realise my top has ridden up that exposes my tattoo of the name Leon and a date a tear rolls down my face and say." he was my son." i look  up at my brother while they all have shock written on their face.

POP. i guess my Poptarts are done.

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