Lost in a Contraption: A Skateboard Film (Part 1 of 5)

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Scene 1A: Hometown Hit and Run

Scene description: Steven Hampton is making a sponsor-me tape with his friends, Cameron Winterer and Joey Parkhill. Cameron is going to film Steven skating, while Joey will be on the lookout for security.

(Cameron's cell phone rings)

Cameron: Hey Joey, what's up?

Joey: DUDE! We have a HUGE problem! The cops are on their way! Steven's gotta get the trick he wants done, like NOW!

(Insert police sirens here)

(Insert trick ideas here)

Cameron: YO! STEVEN! We gotta jet! It's the cops!

Security guard: Hey kid! Get back here or I'll beat you over the head with that board!

(The security guard has a heart attack after twenty seconds of chasing Steven)

Cameron: Quick! Let's get outta here!

Scene 1B: Hometown Homage

Scene description: In this scene, Steven, Cameron and Joey are at the same spot as the last scene. But this time, Joey somehow found a loophole through the security system and got a permit so Steven could skate there as much as he wants for the next 24 hours without being bugged by security. Problem is, Joey can't afford another permit (skate permits in Seattle are expensive), so Steven has only one day to get the tricks he wants on film.

Cameron: 3...2...1...Go!

(Insert seven tricks here)

Cameron: YEAH!!!

Scene 1C: Last Minute Footage

(Cameron and Steven are at the Lower Woodland skatepark at Green Lake to finish up filming Steven's sponsor-me tape)

Cameron: Go dude!

(Insert trick ideas here)

Cameron: That's all we need to finish up the tape! Let's get to Joey and have him edit the video!

Scene 1D: Editing the tape

(Cameron and Steven have given the tape to Joey for editing and uploading to Vimeo)


Joey: FINALLY! It's done!

(Joey uploaded the footage to Vimeo and not three seconds after the upload was completed, the computer screen turned blue.)


Scene 2A: Lower Woodland Contest

(Due to the buzz surrounding his footage, Steven has been invited to compete in a local contest at the Lower Woodland skatepark)

Announcer: Welcome to the Lower Woodland skatepark here at Green Lake in Seattle, Washington! Six skaters will get a single 2:00 run to impress the jaudges. First place winner gets a grand prize of a free skateboard from Alliance.

Scene 2B: Steven's run

Announcer: Alright, the last skater of the contest is Steven Hampton. He needs an 80 to tie and an 85 to win!

(Insert trick ideas here)

Announcer: Let's see the overall scores!

(Steven's score is 86/100)

(Steven wins the contest)

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