Chapter 18

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We arrived at school and Harry proudly walked in holiding my hand grinning to himself. I couldn't help but laugh, he looked like a little boy at christmas. I wonder how he was feeling, since it was his first day back. Harry was attractive when he left, but he was even more attractive now, what if the school sluts make him their prey? Oh stop worrying Faye, you've got him and that's all that matters.

'If you smile any wider your face will crack' I laughed to myself

'Oh shut up' He laughed leaning closer to me

Quickly he let go of my hands and fiddled with his fingers looking at me un-easily, oh no this doesn't look good, butterflies roamed around my stomach, please don't be something bad.

'Harry you're sending my imagination insane, what's the matter?' I asked

'I need to tell you something' He muttered

My eyes widened, isn't that what people say when they're splitting up with someone? Oh please no!

'Nothing bad, don't worry babe' He laughed

I sighed in relief and blushed as he called me babe. He pulled me over to the seating area and scanned about, when he was sure no one was around he leaned closer to me till our noses were nearly touching.

'Me and some of the boys auditioned for X Factor' He whispered

X Factor?! I had no idea he could sing?! Happniess and sadness over came me, of course I was pleased for Harry, but I was sad because what if this ment the end of us? What if fame took over him? Oh no..what about all the girls..they'd be so much prettier than me and Harry would just bound to choose them.

'What's up?' He asked quickly

'Nothing, I'm so happy for you. How did it go?' I spoke while plastering a fake smile across my face

'It actually went better than expected..we're due to go on tv on Wednesday' He smiled proudily

Wow, my boy friend on tv in 2 days..that'd be so strange! But I'd be so proud of him. 

'How come I've never heard you sing' I smirked while arching my eye brow

'You never asked' He smirked back

'Because I never knew you could!' I moaned

He threw his head back in laughter as I tried to keep a serious face, which was hard.

'Why won't you just sing for me!' I whined

'I will..when the time is right' He winked while helping me up

I made a moaning noise, which didn't sound human as I stood up, I could not be bothered with this exam, but I couldn't stop thinking about Harry and the X Factor situation, what if the paparazzi find out I'm his girl friend? I don't want them following me, taking pictures and making up stories..

We made our way to the exam hall..I was absolutely crapping myself, it was English Lit, and since this was my main subject I HAD to do well in it, or this would backfire in my chance to getting into Cambridge. But I just couldn't remember a thing! I knew I was going to fail, why did I have to go on that damn holiday.

No, no don't say that, or me and Harry would still hate each other.

'Good luck, you'll do great' He smiled while pecking me on the cheek

I blushed, oh for god sake why did I blush so easily. I thanked him and also wished him good lucky before we entered. As we did the atmosphere was tense, we placed our bags at the back of the room and put our mobiles in too, I'm so happy we were on time, otherwise that would have been so embarassing, causing me to blush..again, when am I ever not blushing?

I walked up to my seat, B1 and stood behind it waiting for instructions, I looked around to see who I was near. As I turned my head I was greeted by a cheeky smile and a head full of curls. He waved at me, he was going to get us both shouted at! Plus he was like 2 foot steps away so why the heck he was waving I'd never know, that boy is very strange.

'Harry and Faye, do you mind?' Our teacher spoke

Since everyone was in silence it echo'd around the room causing everyone to look at us, oh lord the blushing is back. I just wanted the ground to swallow me up there and then, I hung my head in shame but couldn't help but smirk. 

I stood back up straight and Harry was pulling faces in the corner of my eye, I looked at him and he mouthed the word 'Sorry' at me, I shook my head laughing and we finally got told to take our seat.

'You have 2 hours, you may start' She spoke

I took in a deep breath, lifted my pen and opened my paper, wish me luck.

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