Chapter Fifty Eight - Angela

I had the same dream again. The pain, the demon and the helpless girl. The eight boys dissolving and disappearing, leaving one behind. And the boy comforting the crying girl.

I woke up, rubbing my eyes, thinking about the dream. I get that the eight boys are Drew, Taylor, Jake, Nolan, Zak, Elliot, Liam and Jared... but which one is the remaining one? I'm guessing the demon and the helpless girl was Zaki and I, but... the boy comforting the crying girl... Who were they?

I turned over and saw Azusa in her small bed, sleeping soundly. Ugh... I brushed the hair out of my face. Yui never came back to get me...

I was then interrupted by coughing. My stomach tighten and I turned over towards the window where Zaki fell. Zak sat up sleeping. Zak? What's he doing here?

I got up from my bed and went over to him. I shook his shoulder and spoke to him in a soft voice. “Zak! Zak wake up!”

Zak moaned and waved his face. He made a clicking noise with his tongue. I cocked an eyebrow and tried to wake him up again. “Zak!” I said a little louder. “Zak! Wake up!”

I guess he's a deep sleeper.

“Zak...” I cooed, opening one of his eyelids. He snorted and I snapped my hands off him. My ears and tail popped. He scared me for a second.

I frowned and began poking his cheek. “Zak. Zak. Zak. Zak. Zak.” I said his name every time I poked him. “Zak. Zak. Zak. Zak. Zak.”

“Mm! What is it?!” Zak asked rudely, in a sleepy tone. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it. I jumped again. Gosh! Why am I getting scared so easily?!

“Uh... Good morning?” I answered him, sounding a little stupid.

“Oh! Ah! Angela! Good morning! Sorry!” He let go of my hand and rubbed his neck. “I'm guessing you're wondering what I'm doing here sleeping,”

“Uh huh.” I answered.

“Oh, well...” Zak shrugged. “There is no reason... It was just...”

I rose an eyebrow.

“We went to the dungeons!” he suddenly said.

“Hm? The dungeons?” I asked.

“Yes! We saw your sister! Or...”

“Huh?! My sister?!” I had a sister?!

“No! Not your sister! What am I saying...? Heh, heh. The slave girl.”

“The slave girl?”

“Your human parents' real daughter.”

I stared at Zak silently.

Why do I feel jealous of this girl already?

Right. Because I want this girl's parents. I lived with them, she didn't. But yet, they're her real parents, they're strangers to me. Also, they've learn to love me, as their daughter, and not her, because they never met her.

I looked away.

“Angela? What's wrong?” Zak asked, yawning.

“I... want to see her.”


“I want to see this girl. The slave girl.” I said, determinedly.

“I'm not sure if they'll-”

“Of course I'm sure. Of course they'll let me see the dungeons, after all, I am the princess, and Mother will spoil me to the core.”

Zak looked at me and nodded. “I will lead you the way,” he said, smiling.

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