Chapter One

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*Alaina’s POV*

It was such a beautiful night; the sky was clear of clouds, the moon was full and the stars twinkled brightly. Suddenly I felt a power ride the wind tickling my skin, it irritated me and I couldn’t concentrate on the task at hand.


Reality came back to me. The bright lights and loud noises from the carnival gave me a sudden headache. I clutched my head, wincing in pain.

“Alaina, do you want to go home?”

I shook my head “No Derek, I promised I’d go on a date with you and I plan to keep that promise.”

“But if you’re not feeling good-.”

“I’ll be fine as long as I’m with you.”

His body relaxed but I could see in his eyes that he was still worried. A sweet smile and a kiss, I saw him melt. The peace between us ended when a high pitched scream pierced through the crowd. All heads turned toward the roller coaster and more screams erupted from below in the crowd as they dispersed running away. The moon shone brightly enough that I could see the fear in the blond captive’s eyes. A blood hungry monster held her still, the moon reflected off of his fangs when he grinned.

“Well time to work” Derek pulled my hand “You know the rescue plan.”

I nodded and branched off. Derek and I are hunters, specializing in the death of monsters. Derek started to climb the roller coaster’s structure. Without a verbal word we already had a plan; I would distract the vampire while he saves the girl. I hid within the shadows of a ticket booth, pulled out my Browning 9mm Hi-Power gun, aimed it at the vampire’s head and fired. He swung backwards, glaring at the now empty space that was once filled with a crowd of people.

My eyes traveled to where Derek was. He was fighting off little demons that were trying to stop his ascent. I jumped onto the ticket booth and took another shot, this time the vampire glared at me. He tossed the girl away; she screamed on her way down to the ground and then suddenly stopped. I had a quick glance toward her and noticed that Derek had caught her. One problem solved, the next one was the vampire who had jumped onto the roof of the ticket booth with me.

Derek was so busy with the girl that he didn’t notice that the vampire decided that I was going to be his nightly dinner. Everything seemed to go in slow motion from there on. I raised my gun, shooting in the chest up to his head while he bent forward fighting off the urge to step backwards. I was out of bullets - just when he was inches from my neck, a hand exploded from his chest pulling the heart out. The vampire fell back into my saviour, withering to a dried prune; I took a step backward a shaking hand to my throat. My heart was racing and I could feel my pulse beating under my fingers.


The world started moving at normal speed once again. My saviour took me in his arms and jumped off the ticket booth roof. I ran to Derek’s arms, giving him a kiss then pulled away smiling, trying not to show how scared I was.

“Some date. We’ll have to try again some other time.”

“Don’t joke” Derek looked at me seriously “That vampire nearly had a bite of you.”

“Are you okay?” my saviour asked “You’re still shaken up.”

“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you for the rescue” I smile faded slightly, I didn’t like how he could sense my fear “Do I get to know the name of my saviour?”

“Jason” he bowed respectfully, kissing the back of my hand “It is an honour to met you.”


‘I wonder if you realize how beautiful you are.’

I blushed reading his mind with ease. It was a specialty of mine, something that I earned from my father. Unfortunately this power never shuts down and it’s always stronger when I touched the person – or monster.

“Derek” he separated our hands and began pushing me away “Thank you for saving my girlfriend but we have to go.”

I could feel the jealousy emanating from Derek. I sighed and complied with his urge to leave. One thing I love about him is that he can shut his mind so I don’t always hear him, but he gets jealous so easily.

*Jason’s POV*

“Are you okay Mariana?” I asked the young woman.

“Yeah, I’m fine” the blond replied rubbing her neck “Was Ajax’s death really necessary?”

“Of course it was. He betrayed me; nearly killed you and he could have gotten the attention of the court.”

“Those two are quite a team.”

“That woman, Alaina, she’s the key I’ve been searching for.”

“I’ll take care of her boyfriend for you, Master Jason.”

With a twisted smile she turned and left. I went in search for a quick bite before going to bed. It was a shame that Ajax had to die; he was a good right hand man. Mariana was a good substitute, until she has fulfilled her duty then I’ll dispose of her, a weak witch is easy enough to manipulate.

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